iCareSystem AutoDose.

Simple. Safe. Clean.

The Wow Effect.

iCareSystem AutoDose is the autonomous cleaning system for iCombi Pro tabletop units. This makes cleaning completely autonomous if desired: It starts according to a predetermined schedule and takes the exact required dose necessary for hygienic cleanliness from the integrated solids cleaner.

This increases work safety, saves a lot of time and contributes to HACCP hygiene safety.

Cleaning takes on a new dimension.

The benefits:

iCareSystem AutoDose.
  • Safe to handle
  • Saves time and space
  • Avoids errors
  • Less plastic waste

Fully automatic and always informed.

With iCareSystem AutoDose, employees no longer need to handle cleaning, as it comes off their daily task list. It is therefore all the more important that the iCombi Pro always keeps the user up to date and alerts them, for example, if a specified residual quantity of cleaner or care chemicals is low or if urgent cleaning is required.

Remote access via ConnectedCooking.

The essential functions and information, such as the filling status of the cartridges, are also displayed in ConnectedCooking in the unit management. With the ConnectedCooking editor, cleaning programs can be created from the comfort of your desk and rolled out to the iCombi Pro with iCareSystem AutoDose. In addition, upcoming cartridge changes are also displayed in ConnectedCooking so that cleaning and care products can be ordered in good time, thus ensuring stock security.

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