Digital kitchen management.

At a time when digitisation is becoming increasingly important,

you need to work that way too.

Networking has arrived in the professional kitchen: Menus, payment systems, purchasing; everything runs digitally, everything is in sync. Just like ConnectedCooking. Once you have connected the iCombi Pro to your network, you can use the secure cloud-based networking solution to perform asset, hygiene and recipe management from your desk. However far away the cooking systems may be.

Digital support: Taking on routine tasks, providing certainty and being a source of inspiration.

Organise your kitchen. No matter where.

Everything at a glance, all under control, and immediate information on what’s happening with the units. You always have the option of intervening. You can always react. In short, simplify the operation of your cooking system. From your central location to your satellite kitchen, from your desk to the branch. Keeps supervisory work to a minimum.

All cooking systems at a glance: online and service status, unit usage, cleaning details – everything you need for a good pool of data to further optimise the kitchen.

Push notifications
Receive notifications on everything that is happening on and in your cooking systems in real time.

Cooking programs
Send and manage cooking programs on units.

Software updates
Automatic and free of charge.

Individual unit display for simplified operation.

Always reliable: simple operation, simple unit service, simple unit availability. Effortlessly

Transparency that leads to trust.

Hygiene is an important and sensitive issue in the hospitality industry. Standards are high, and the responsibility is huge. How brilliant is it, when, that documentation can be digitalised, so that you can easily fulfil your obligation to provide evidence.

Automatic HACCP documentation
Collect, document, display and save HACCP data automatically.

Manage user profiles
Determine who needs to do what in order to avoid errors.

Backup for unit settings
Automatic backup of data and settings.

Modern encryption technology
Only the intended recipient can see and process the data.

This much is certain: Trust is good, control is better. You can be sure that everything is done properly. Proven.

Ready for your best ideas.

Your creativity and quality are at the root of what you do. Draw inspiration from the wealth of RATIONAL recipes and create and manage your own cooking programs. Produce food that always turns out just as you imagined.

Public recipe database
International recipes with quantities, descriptions, and unit settings.

Create recipe
Create and enter your own recipes into the public recipe database.

Cooking program management
Manage and roll out your own cooking programs.

Tips and tricks
Easy-to-understand how-to videos and exclusive help from RATIONAL chefs

It doesn’t get any easier than this. Develop and implement ideas, then send them to your RATIONAL cooking systems at a click. Always cook to the same standard of quality, regardless of the location, or staff.

Welcome to the team.

Register your cooking system via an activation or QR code, and you’re done. Works with PC, tablet or smartphone. Very easy. Very fast.

iCombi Pro
Cooking programs
Push notifications
Service data
Cooking programs
Push notifications
Service data
Ethernet 1
WiFi -
CombiMaster® Plus
Cooking programs -
Updates -
Push notifications -
Service data -
Ethernet 1
WiFi -

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○ optional
– not compatible

1 from production date 10/2011