Technical details.

Ergonomic height adjustment.

The iVario 2-XS and iVario Pro 2-25 can be mounted to height-adjustable stands, iVario L and XL can be mounted to height-adjustable substructures. To ensure ergonomic work.

Integral hand shower.

The hand shower features a jet and spray function enabling you to rinse large areas as well as vigorously for interim cleaning.

Built-in socket with separate RCD protection (optional).

Every unit size comes with a country-specific socket with separate RCD protection.


Autolift automatically raises and lowers the food into the cooking liquid. No splashes or scalding and the cooking liquid can be used multiple times.

Easy to empty.

Thanks to the ideally positioned shelves and automatically tiltable pans, emptying the appliance is easy and effortless.

Cold pan edge.

pro open

No matter how hot the pan base may get – the pan edge remains cold. For increased work safety.


The virtually seamless design (IPX9) makes it easy to clean the outside.

Easy to clean.

Nothing sticks, nothing boils over – so cleaning the pan is effortless and usually doesn’t take longer than 2 minutes.


The flush control panel, central dial with stainless steel inlays as well as the on/off switches with touch function in the glass front provide the iVario with a modern look and enable intuitive handling. For cooking systems with two pans, both are displayed clearly on one touchscreen.

Core probe.

The core probe with 6-point measurement provides the exact results guaranteeing precise cooking results. The probe recognises if it has been inserted incorrectly and also provides data for the HACCP protocol.