Efficient production.

To the end result quickly and gently.

Quick, reliable, flexible - this is efficient production with the iVario Pro. Exactly according to your requirements, the iVario Pro is equipped with various functions that accelerate the cooking processes, ease your workload and shift production times. With a whole lot of power and intelligence. For consistently good results. With minimal effort.

Pressure cooking.

When you are short of time, you can reduce the cooking time by up to 30% more with the optional intelligent pressure cooking function. The pan is securely closed with the internal lock and the air pressure in the pan increased to 300 mbar. Just the right, maintenance-free pressure to cook casseroles, braised dishes, stocks, soups and stews without any loss of quality. Because the iVarioBoost heating system builds the pressure at the push of a button and keeps it constant throughout the entire cooking process. This protects the structure of the food and you can still achieve the best cooking results in no time.