Details and technical equipment.

iCombi Pro.

LED lighting with rack signalling.

LED lighting for the cooking cabinet and the individual trays – so that everything from top to bottom, and from the front to the back is illuminated. Energy-efficient, durable and low-maintenance. In neutral light so you can see your products’ true degree of browning. And the iProductionManager will be easier to operate: a flashing light indicates which tray needs your attention.

Intelligent 6-point core probe.

The core probe features six measurement points to provide reliable results. Even if it isn’t in the optimal position. This ensures that the food is always prepared precisely and in a hygienically safe way.

Dynamic air circulation.

Thanks to the cooking cabinet design and a powerful fan wheel that changes rotational speed and direction based on specific product requirements, heat is always optimally distributed. For excellent food quality even with full loads. The integrated fan wheel brake reacts instantly when the door is opened, so that the fan wheel comes to a standstill quickly for even more safety and security.

More fan wheels.*

The iCombi Pro 10-1/1, 10-2/1, 20-1/1 and 20-2/1 models are now equipped with more fan wheels. For a better distribution of energy in the cooking cabinet and a higher energy input into the food. For consistently good results.

*Compared to the previous model.

300 °C maximum cooking cabinet temperature.

The robust construction of the iCombi Pro supports temperatures of up to 300 °C in the cooking cabinet even in continuous operation. This ensures applications such as grilling or searing are equally possible with large quantities of food.

Integrated hand shower with jet and spray function.

An infinitely-variable jet strength and the ergonomic handling facilitate rough cleaning work, deglazing or adding water. The integral automatic retraction system and automatic water shut-off mechanism offer optimum safety and hygiene conforming to EN 1717 and SVGW standards (Swiss Association for the Gas and Water Industry).

Steam generator.

100 % hygienically fresh steam and high steam saturation – even at low temperatures – for outstanding food quality. The steam generator is automatically descaled as part of the iCombi Pro’s cleaning process making expensive water softening systems superfluous.

Triple glazed cooking cabinet door.

The triple glazed cooking cabinet door with heat reflection coating ensures minimum heat loss and up to 10 % lower energy costs. As the panes can be separated, they are easy to clean ensuring great visibility for years.

Energy consumption display.

Always in the know about the energy consumption of an individual cooking process, or the entire day. The respective data is visible on the display and available for download.

Exceptional sealing technology for standalone units.

The press-fit door gasket is designed for temperatures up to 300 °C and is extremely durable. Should it need replacing nevertheless, no tools or technicians are required.

WiFi without an external antenna.

WiFi interface ex factory as standard facilitates connecting to a network. For an effortless installation of ConnectedCooking, high data security and easy appliance management.

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