Mixed loading with the iCombi Pro.

A matter of organisation.

Shopping carts.

Production with only a tap of the finger.

With the iCombi Pro, you can always serve your products to the same quality. Without any effort or trained staff. Because the unit has what are called shopping carts, which contain the things that can be cooked together on the basis of your menu. Tap the shopping cart required for production, e.g. “Snacks”, on the display, drag the foods to the rack, load the iCombi Pro and the unit will start.

Optimum load organisation.

Everything under control.

If you are preparing different products in one load, the iProductionManager will automatically monitor every individual rack and will signal when each product is ready. It doesn't matter how much food you load and how often or how long the door stays open, because the iProductionManager corrects the cooking time automatically and consistently. And if you need to take action, the iCombi Pro will light up the rack that requires your attention.


Reaching objectives with pictures.

Error-free operation, always the same level of quality with MyDisplay: Different dishes that you specify are shown on the display as an image, or icon. Tap and the iCombi Pro will start working.

You can also add or delete recipes just as easily.

A good start to the day.

With a varied breakfast.

Impress your guests early in the morning - with a varied breakfast buffet. Bread rolls, croissants, bacon, sausages and scrambled eggs, with the iProductionManager you can prepare all of this at the same time. In accordance with your requirements and the appetites of your guests. Simply use the preset breakfast shopping cart “breakfast”. All the necessary cooking processes are stored here, and all you need to do is drag the corresponding ticket to a free rack slot and production will begin. You can even quickly restock individual foods. So your buffet is always full of fresh food with consistent quality. Without overproduction. Regardless of who is working in the kitchen.

Freshly baked goods and snacks in one single appliance.

For high customer satisfaction.

Snacks, lunch, or quickly baking something in between - the iCombi Pro shows the same dedication whatever it is doing. Freshly boiled, frozen, convenience, the cooking system knows the right cooking process for your desired result and always produces the same quality. This is because the iCombi Pro is so easy and intuitive to use that even untrained staff can operate it without requiring significant training. At the same time, the iCombi Pro combi-steamer replaces special appliances such as the grill, oven, stove, pots and pans and therefore makes it easy to quickly expand or modify the selection of baked goods and snacks offered.

The multifunctional grilling station.

Wide variety, easily prepared.

With the RATIONAL grilling accessory and the iProductionManager, your grilled products will be unbeatably good: So, for example, you can load the GriddleGrid cold and still the meat will have the typical stripe or cross grill pattern. Because you can prepare different products in a single load without significant checking or supervision. Everything is prepared exactly to your requirements with the ‘grilling’ function. You specify the browning and cooking level, done. Each rack is monitored individually. And when something is ready, the iProductionManager will automatically notify you.

The pan frying function.

Simply more variety.

Part, full or mixed loads. Escalope, medallions, cutlets, fillets, fish and poultry pieces. Large and small pieces. Rare, medium or well done. Everything is prepared exactly to your requirements with the ‘pan frying’ function. You specify the browning and cooking level, done. The iCombi Pro will do the rest. After the automatic preheating phase, place the raw products on the appropriate trays in the cooking cabinet. The products are seared immediately, sealing the juices in, as there is always sufficient power available.

This gives the food the desired browning, while it remains juicy on the inside and tastes as if it just came out the pan; all this without any turning.

Escalopes and co. at the push of a button.

Crispy but succulent with the iCombi Pro.

Even breaded products come out perfectly without any monitoring or turning. Roast chicken, cordon bleu, crumbed vegetables are just a couple of examples. Brush or spray a little fat over the freshly breaded products, place them onto a granite-enamelled tray and in no time you will serve crispy and succulent breaded products.