Important safety information.


Serial no. 8007287 (E11VH10098007287) - 8047539 (E13VJ20068047539).

Your safety and the reliability and durability of our units are our top priority. During our continuous product monitoring, we have found that, in rare cases, the pan can move independently on units from the VarioCookingCenter® product series. This could potentially lead to uncontrolled escape of hot food, which could result in injury to persons nearby.

In this respect, please note the following safety instructions:

In order to eliminate this unlikely danger, the software VCC-01-02-04.7 will be installed at the next upcoming service visit or visit of your service partner.

With this software, the scroll wheel must be pressed at the same time in order to move the pan. This function is also implemented in the iVario product currently in series production.

The latest software version is available here.
Here you will also find information on updating units.

To ensure that you always have the latest software version installed in the future, we advise you to update the software automatically and free of charge via ConnectedCooking.