Everything you do,

you can now do even better.

Efficiency reinterpreted: Forget space-consuming cooking appliances and let the iCombi Pro do the work. On less than approx. 1 m2. Meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, baked goods. À la carte, catering, delivery service, casual dining. Thanks to the cooperation of the intelligent assistants, it eliminates the need for a few of them. With powerful air circulation and dehumidification, iDensityControl generates up to 50% more productivity with up to 10% shorter cooking times*. And delivers uniform results right up to the last corner.


As concerns iDensityControl in the iCombi Pro, it is an intelligent climate management: the interplay between sensors in the cooking cabinet, between active dehumidification and flow-optimised cooking cabinet geometry. This creates the climate that allows you extraordinary productivity and excellent cooking results.

Sensors in the cooking cabinet.

Every second, the sensors sense and recognise the current cooking cabinet conditions so that the necessary amount of energy, i.e. the combination of heat and humidity, is optimally adjusted to the food and the desired result. This produces an individual climate that ensures uniform food quality and a special experience. And it does this with shorter cooking times.

Dehumidification performance.

The up to 130% larger cross section of the dehumidification pipe* depending on the unit type enables much more efficient dehumidification. The powerful vacuum technology can remove the humidity from the cooking cabinet even more quickly and effectively thus providing crisp crusts, crunchy breading and a nice grill pattern with delicious roasted flavours. And it does this so precisely that the food does not dry out.

Cooking cabinet geometry.

The new cooking cabinet geometry optimises the air flow so that the energy is distributed even more evenly into the very last corner. For quicker cooking through higher energy input into the food. For perfect browning through uniform and consistent energy input into the food. Or in other words: for good results. Every time. On every single rack. Even with up to 45 turkey escalopes in an iCombi Pro 6-1/1.

Fresh steam.

100% hygienic fresh steam, precise steam temperature and maximum steam saturation ensure excellent food quality - from 30°-130 °C, from single to full loads, from salmon, dim sum to flan, in any unit size. Because even the most delicate of foods don`t stick. Very practical: The steam generator is automatically descaled as part of the cleaning process.

Fan wheel.

Direction of rotation and speed of the fan wheel adapt intelligently to the product, quantity and cooking level. This creates an individual movement pattern, which intelligently modulates the air and transports the energy where it is needed. If the climate management system requests it, the fan wheels will even move in different directions. And it does this at air speeds of up to 120 km/h. For optimal heat distribution and uniform results, the iCombi Pro now has additional fan wheels. This guarantees high quality right into the very last corner.

Reserve capacity.

That is power: Thanks to convection heat up to 300 °C, pizzas become crispy, and steaks obtain the coveted grill pattern. Even frozen convenience goods such as chicken nuggets or chips, turn out consistently crisp and juicy. Therefore, even if frozen goods are put into the cooking cabinet in large quantities, the iCombi Pro has enough reserve capacity to reach cooking temperature very quickly. Of course the equipment of the iCombi Pro has the same reserve capacity: None of it distorts, no part will fatigue. Even under significant stress.

*Compared to the older combi-steamers.