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Saving energy is beneficial for the environment. It saves money. So it’s a good thing. However, where do you start?

Sous-vide and pasteurisation kit.

The accessory for more safety.

The sous-vide and pasteurisation kit for all iCombi Pro cooking systems opens up additional options for creative cooking. The accessories significantly increase the shelf life, utilisation and safety of food. This opens up new possibilities for food production, preservation and existing kitchen processes.

Hygienic preparation of face masks.

The new figurehead of the gastronomy: the face mask. Whether white or black, with bow, with elastic band, with logo, with embroidered mouth - there are no limits to the creativity, but there are limits to hygiene. Because after each shift, the mask must be either disposed of or disinfected.

Life in the kitchen is loud and colourful - and full of passion! KTCHNrebel is at home where pots and cooking aprons are the ingredients of creative work. The online magazine from RATIONAL for all professional chefs takes a look behind the scenes, talks to innovators and reports on trends and developments in the food service industry.

Infinitely smart.

The new company restaurant of our customer BHS Corrugated.

“Welcome“, says master chef Thomas Wenger cheerfully. He welcomes us inside the newly established company restaurants at BHS Corrugated in Weiherhammer, in the Upper Palatinate district. The 44-year-old co-designed the two restaurants according to his own ideas. “News” on the ground floor for the employees and “Elements” for business customers and conference guests one floor above. His commercial kitchen is equipped with the latest SelfCookingCenter® and VarioCookingCenter® appliances, which are connected with the worldwide sites of the company through the digital platform ConnectedCooking.

Fit for digitalisation?

Professional chefs know it: there is no stopping the digitalisation of commercial kitchens now. And so it is time for the question of which system effectively supports kitchen processes and as such sets new standards in product quality, reliability, automation and service. RATIONAL uses the cloud-based and free ConnectedCooking, which give new momentum to the collaboration between the chef and the appliance without forgetting its core task: cooking with imagination.

EU Sustainable Energy Week: Things you should note.

EU Sustainable Energy Week, which takes place every year from 30 May to 5 June, focuses on economic, social and environmental challenges at an international level. The week of action is based on Agenda 2030, which has been signed by all of the UN member states and sets out 17 goals for sustainable development.
Commercial kitchens fall within the scope of the 12th goal in this concept, which is "To ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns".

5 tips for better workplaces.

More ergonomic commercial kitchens:

Safe, ergonomic working conditions have long been a “must” in any commercial kitchen, yet many operations continue to cut corners. Of course, they often find that the decision comes back to haunt them—after all, the real victims of this cost-cutting policy are the kitchen staff.

Orthopedic surgeons see it day after day: it starts with back pain and, in the worst-case scenario, ends with a herniated disk. It’s no wonder that bone and muscle problems are one of the most common reasons for missing work among gastronomy professionals. Frantically working to prepare and serve food, slippery floors, inflexible work surfaces, lifting and carrying heavy pots... just a few of the many dangers facing kitchen staff every day.

But many of those risk factors are easier than ever to avoid. Just keep a few factors in mind when purchasing new kitchen equipment—the right technology can make all the difference. For example, RATIONAL’s team of globally renowned specialists in thermic food preparation place special importance on ergonomic details when developing the company’s two equipment lines. They can help minimize these five risk factors:

Food trucks are in the fast lane.

Your favourite restaurants are now on the road!

As the digital issue of Inc. reports, the US food truck market reached a volume of $ 2.7 billion in 2017. According to the website “foodtrucks-deutschland.de”, the European market has grown by 50 % since 2016. This is no wonder, since these restaurants on wheels are now found at festivals, farmers’ markets, and occasionally near offices at lunchtime. It is still fast food - but a unique kind. What exactly sets food trucks apart? For one, what often used to be associated with unhealthy food has now turned into an avenue for delicious, gourmet, and healthy cuisine.

Tips and tricks for stylish plating.

Tips and tricks for stylish plating.

Every child knows the phrase “You eat with your eyes!” It is obvious that this is more than just empty words. Dishes simply taste much better if they are plated in an appetizing way.
How does this work?
Here are some tips and tricks on how to properly plate dishes.

The golden rule is:

Music to their ears.

RATIONAL chefs’ secret “charts”.

The more than 1,000 chefs on the job for RATIONAL go through the same processes that every other cook in the world does: cooking, tasting, discarding, starting from scratch. But do they listen to the same music, too? We asked a few of them—not a representative sample, but interesting all the same. One other important note: the music described here is what they play in the kitchen, never during service. It was very important to them that we mention that.

Vegetarian & vegan.

How you use the trend and gain additional customers.

Many people worldwide do not eat meat or even animal products. Demand for meat and milk alternatives is rising as an increasing number of people are avoiding animal products when eating out. In many major cities, the number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants has more than doubled in the last five years. But even classic hospitality industry establishments and industry catering can benefit from the trend in meat-free diets and acquire additional customers.

You can find vegetarian or vegan on many menus as a necessary evil, but these dishes are an opportunity and enhancement, they generate new customers and show that the chef knows the business. If the dishes also taste good, then the kitchen has fulfilled its objective: "Enjoyment without compromise."