The iCombi Pro – the combi-steamer for greater process reliability.

The WOW effect: Kitchen processes can now run smoothly.

The future of foodservice.

An increasing number of elderly people being cared for in residential care homes, wider range of catering options in schools and childcare settings, ever higher expectations from restaurant guests - these are the challenges that the hospitality industry is faced with on a daily basis. At the same time, economic pressure is increasing and an end to the shortage of skilled workers is really not in sight. In summary, the speed and quality must be right, while also dealing with more stringent economic constraints. A way out of the cycle: Absolute process reliability in the production kitchen to keep costs and quality under control.

Flexible planning.

The iCombi Pro helps you organise complex production processes intelligently and flexibly. It doesn't matter whether the chef wants to prepare different products at the same time, whether the aim is to produce in a time-optimised manner, to organise an efficient sequence of dishes or to adhere to a specified production time. Ultimately, bottlenecks are avoided and stress levels lowered.

Equalisation of processes.

Overnight cooking, mixed loading and standardised quality - the workflows in the kitchen add up to a lot.

The above challenges necessitate changes in organisation and production. Here’s how it works: the separation of production and food service and with it the reduction of stressful daily kitchen life. “Finishing” is the magic word. Whether plate finishing for banquets, à la carte finishing in restaurants or container finishing in industry catering. Mise en place is done well before service, the food is vacuum-packed or stored in the cold store and regenerated in a few minutes as and when it is needed.