You would never guess it had been at work for hours.

Grilling any quantity of food will leave behind stubborn dirt, meaning the iCombi Pro cannot immediately be used to prepare other dishes. Were it not for the iCareSystem, which provides ultra-fast interim cleaning in approx. 12 minutes. Then you can quickly move onto cooking the broccoli. With a clean cooking cabinet, without any unpleasant odours. And when it comes to spotless hygiene at the end of the day, the iCombi Pro will tell you exactly how dirty it is. You decide whether to run an eco or standard clean. With descaling and Overnight too of course. Always super clean with 50% less chemicals in the phosphate-free cleaner tabs of course. The iCombi Pro can note your preferences and will start the saved cleaning program whenever you want it to.

Ultrafast interim cleaning.

If the iCombi Pro also needs a clean in the meantime because it is very dirty, this can be done ultra fast: Place the tab in the iCombi Pro and you can continue working with a clean unit approx. 12 minutes later. Just enough time to prepare the next load. Ideal for kitchens that need to use the cooking system all day long. Ultimately the ultra-fast interim clean reduces non-production times and brings even more efficiency to the daily kitchen routine.

Efficient cleaning and descaling.

iCareSystem is so intelligent that it recognises the current degree of soiling of the iCombi Pro, displays it to you and makes a clear cleaning recommendation on that basis. Including the quantity of cleaner and descaler required for an optimal result. For you this means minimal operating costs and minimal work. You can also profit from up to 50% less consumption of cleaner and up to 30% less consumption of water. You even eliminate the costs of water softening or manual descaling, because the iCombi Pro is also descaled automatically if required.

You can also create and save a custom cleaning time schedule using drag & drop on the display. Perfectly tailored to your operating times and hygiene requirements. The iCombi Pro will automatically signal at the scheduled times and will always keep your unit hygienically clean and perfectly maintained.

Cleaning programs.

You have a choice of nine cleaning programs in total: strong, medium and light cleans, in the normal and eco modes (means less cleaner and water, therefore longer cleaning time in front of means). You can also choose from an ultrafast clean, rinse without tabs and rinse. The iCombi Pro is so intelligent that it will suggest the right program for every level of soiling.

Phosphate-free cleaner tabs.

Solid cleaning agent in tab form, which is simply placed in the process basket, is not only small but also phosphate-free and therefore environmentally-friendly.

Status monitoring.

If you operate your units with ConnectedCooking, you can also control the cleaning of your iCombi Pro via the networking solution. You can see the maintenance status of every connected unit and how much longer the cleaning of a certain unit will take.

iCareSystem AutoDose

iCareSystem AutoDose is the integrated storage system for cleaner and care cartridges for selected iCombi Pro units. The cartridges are safely sealed, no requirement to touch chemicals or fill by hand, refill chemicals do not have to be stored, and incorrect dosing is impossible. There is no need for time-consuming preparations for cleaning, such as picking up cleaner tabs, putting on safety equipment, starting cleaning. Everything for thorough cleanliness, impeccable hygiene, more occupational safety and yet lower costs.