Snack & bake.

Delicious. Quick preparation.

Time to rethink the old rules

and to create new ones.

The take-away market is booming, but many establishments are still playing by the old rules: Quantity rather than quality is being served over the counter. Customers require quality, creativity, individuality. It is not simply about getting full, but about eating well: snacks must also have their vitamins, proteins, minerals. Quickly throughout the day. Just as flexible as the modern working life. For you this means all of this on top, but with the same number of employees. How can this be done? With something that writes new rules. Because it delivers quality. When frying, baking, boiling. All day long. Because it is intelligent. Like the iCombi Pro.

The result: Generate additional business with high-quality and flexible production.

Setting trends.

Simpler than you think.

Pizza, burgers, wraps, buttermilk chicken, wholegrain bread, and omelette with chia seeds. Always individual and prepared to perfection. Always when your customers want it. Morning, lunchtime and evening. Fast, uncomplicated and healthy. Following a quick clean, it all looks as if nothing happened. Indulgent, unusual, individual, your creativity knows no limits. This is the snack business with the iCombi Pro.

For one reason: So you can stand out even more from the catering mass produced products, with your individual products and services. Around the clock.

The iCombi Pro.

Expect the unexpected.

Humidity, air speed and temperature. Carefully coordinated. In a unit that thinks with you, learns from you, forgets nothing, adjusts and adapts. Always delivers consistent quality at the press of a button. Easily operated even by temporary staff. Thanks to its intelligence assistant functions, it responds to all changing requirements dynamically. Frozen food? Has the cooking cabinet door been open too long? Do you want to bake more croissants than usual? The iCombi Pro never loses sight of the desired result and adjusts the settings independently.

Everything for the one goal: So you can keep on impressing your customers with outstanding products.

Just one full load.

There's never enough of the good things.

Bread, bread rolls, pretzels - the baskets and shelves need to be full by seven tomorrow morning. Always with the same quality. This is why the iCombi Pro also has intelligent baking paths for bread and bread rolls. So you can produce your desired result easily and reliably. So that the identical results comes out on every single rack, in every single piece. Whether each load contains 60 or 120 bread rolls. No matter who operates the appliance. Thanks to active dehumidification, thanks to fan wheels in five speeds, thanks to standing heat. As this is all done very quickly, there is enough time to serve your customers.

Everything for the one goal: So you can keep on impressing your customers with outstanding baked goods.

All fresh.

All available. All a matter of organisation.

The first rush is over, time for restocking. The challenge: Not too much, not too little, so that it is all fresh for serving. It is time for sweet treats like cookies, muffins, apple turnovers. Because this demands organisational talent. Because this demands the iProductionManager. Which tells you what you can cook together and even suggests the time or energy-optimised order. Frozen goods, fresh dough, small pastries, large pastries, one or more trays none of it a problem. Simply enter the desired result, start the baking path, done. For fast restocking, for delicious mixed loads.

It doesn't get any easier than this. Stand out from the rest, spoil your customers with a variety of products. Without the need for any additional equipment.

Set a new snacking standard.

Delicious, varied and quick.

The trend is all about the mini meal, which mainly appeals to people with flexible working hours plus single people, it has the potential for a healthy increase in sales. It has to be healthy and taste good too. Hip, fancy, varied and quick are the criteria according to which customers judge their breakfast, bowls and wraps. Fulfil their requirements without additional effort, with consistency, no matter who operates the unit. You can save the recipe for your snack in the shopping carts. The iCombi Pro will start at the push of a button. With the same quality every time.

Create experiences. Produce different dishes at the push of a button. Reliable consistent quality. Reliable increased sales.

How to surpass yourself.

Without having to do much.

No one expected this: Thai curry, samosas, involtini and coq au vin. Or rather escalope with chips? It is so easy to prepare a wide variety of foods with minimal effort, even at lunch time. With the iProductionManager for example, which tells you when you can prepare your specified foods. Then chill it, and bring it to consumption temperature for service with finishing. This can also be done with convenience products.

How it's done: Prepare anything you require at any time you want. Bring everything to serving temperature with finishing. Simply delicious.

Other services.


All under control.

Everyone's talking about networking. The iCombi Pro has it. You can connect the iCombi Pro with ConnectedCooking, RATIONAL's secure internet platform, with the WiFi interface fitted as standard. Was the turkey breast recipe a hit? Simply send it off to all the cooking systems on the network. Wherever they may be. Which cooking system is being used and how? Check on your smartphone. Looking for inspiration? Right there in the recipe database. Software update? The cooking systems are easily updated at the push of a button. Retrieving HACCP data? Completed with just a click. Also if you wish, the iCombi Pro will call its RATIONAL service partner itself for servicing.

Powerful networking by RATIONAL. Always keeps everything under control.

Top marks in hygiene.

To keep your mind at ease.

Food safety is important. Especially in the take-away business. This is exactly why you can also rely on the iCombi Pro here. When it comes to hygienic brilliant cleaning with the iCareSystem, which recognises the level of soiling, suggests the corresponding cleaning program including cleaner tabs and even completes the ultrafast clean in approx. 12 minutes. Also when it comes to easy operation, which virtually eliminates errors and as such guarantees that all food have a hygienically safe core temperature.

Play it safe
The iCombi Pro meets international standards in terms of hygiene. Everything is documented. For peace of mind.


The beginning of a wonderful friendship.

The right service makes the RATIONAL unit and your kitchen a complete success: from the initial consultation, the test cook, installation to the individual start training and software updates and the ChefLine, the telephone hotline for individual questions - RATIONAL has it all. Or you can attend training at the Academy RATIONAL. At the same time, you can contact a certified RATIONAL dealer at any time: they know all the units by heart and will find the right one for your kitchen. The worldwide RATIONAL Service team is always close at hand in case of emergencies.

All with a single objective: Ensuring your investment pays off in the long term, that you always get the most out of your units and that you never run out of ideas.

iCombi live.

Don't just listen to us, try it for yourself.

Enough of the theory, time for some practice because nothing is more convincing than seeing for yourself. Experience the RATIONAL units in use, see the intelligent functions for yourself and try it out to see how you can work with them. Live, with no obligation and at a location near you. Do you have any questions or do you want some information specific to your needs and possible applications? Then call us or send us an e-mail.


The right ingredients for your success.

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