Finishing® with the iCombi Pro.

Precise. Delicious. Productive.

Everything under control.

Conference, launch party, 50th birthday, company celebration, wedding. À la carte, banqueting, buffet, catering. From planning to execution, with consistent quality across hundreds of plates. Often you may experience time pressure, a staff shortage, high expenses and a low budget, a special event in addition to your day-to-day business. What you are missing is intelligent logistics. A concept where production and service are separate, which makes no compromise in the food quality and which saves resources. A concept just like Finishing with the iCombi Pro.

Use Finishing. For more productivity. More flexibility.

On the plate, ready, set, go!

Finishing is that simple.

Warming, regeneration techniques that may bring numerous dishes to the table at the same time, but which do not take into account the different cooking climates of different foods, with significant loss of quality and nutrients. This is why RATIONAL relies on Finishing. Proven. Reliable. Safe. Consistent separation of production and service. This preserves the flavour, vitamins, colour and texture of the food. Thanks to the dew point control. With with its intelligence, the iCombi Pro finds the balance between condensation and evaporation. This creates a protective film of microscopic water droplets around the food and protects it from drying, eliminating pools of condensation on the plate.

You can taste it. Beautiful colours, healthy vitamins and a succulent texture. Always ready at the right time.

Plated Finishing for banqueting.

All a matter of organisation.

100 guests, 100 plates, served at the same time. With Finishing. Prepare all the food before the event as your schedule permits using the cook & chill method. Plate up the food cold and keep it chilled on mobile plate racks. Now you have time for your day-to-day business. Shortly before serving, bring all the plates up the serving temperature using Finishing. This is of course also possible with several thousand meals. Simply prepare multiple mobile plate racks. Protect the finished plates from heat loss with the RATIONAL Thermocover, for up to 20 minutes.

Guaranteed banquet success. With no stress. With no additional staff costs.

À la carte Finishing.

Everyone wants everything now. Done.

In every restaurant, there are times when there are simply not enough hands in the kitchen. This is not the case if you work with Finishing: prepare the elements of your menu in advance. Chill them and set them aside. Only when the order comes in, you then plate the food cold and place it in the iCombi Pro for Finishing. Out come the hot, freshly prepared dishes. Without any loss of quality. There are many more creative possibilities: such as only using the Finishing method for the side dishes, whilst cooking the pan-fried elements at the same time.

Developed for you. When it all gets too heated, you can keep your cool and keep control.

Container Finishing.

Any quantity. Delicious and precise.

Whether in catering, staff restaurants, schools, hospitals, or retirement homes there is a demand for food variety, in large quantities – that must be precise, delicious and healthy. Like when Finishing in containers. The food can be prepared, vacuum-packed or stored in containers in the cool room. This means you can prepare and produce food in advance. Then you can bring the foods that you need to serving temperature when you need them. Quick and easy. The same applies to restocking.

This is how you benefit. Food is always at the right temperature for service. Full of vitamins and colour. Less fat. Without overproduction.

Useful assistants.

iCombi Pro and its accessories. A tried and tested team.

With the right accessories, Finishing in the iCombi Pro is very simple and the results are visible.

Mobile plate rack.

With the mobile plate rack, you can store up to 120 plates up to 31 cm in diameter ready for Finishing in the iCombi Pro. Comfortable working height, open on all four sides, with double castors with ball bearings, making the rack very ergonomic.

Plate rack with transport trolley.

The plate rack is placed on a transport trolley for ergonomic loading and unloading of tabletop units. High stability, maximum endurance. Work made easy.


The RATIONAL Thermocover is characterised by its outstanding insulation properties, simple handling and hygienically safe – the foods stay hot for up to 20 minutes after Finishing. You will then have enough time to finish other mobile plate racks, transport them to the service station or wait for the end of the speech.

Original RATIONAL accessories.

We also have the sophisticated accessories to thank for such impressive results.