This is impressive.

The WOW effect: Excellent food quality from the iCombi Pro.

What counts in every professional kitchen is that guests like to come, and return more frequently, simply because they like it. It's a good thing that the iCombi Pro has so much cooking expertise that it always produces a good result. Whether braising, steaming, grilling or baking. No matter who is working with it.

What makes for good results:

  • Appetising, natural colour
  • Consistent quality
  • The right texture of the food
  • Even cooking across all racks
  • Preservation of nutrients and vitamins

That’s exactly what loyal guests value. Because they have a good experience and always get the same great food. This is what makes a restaurant attract regulars. Or gives people reason to get their midday snack from the same supermarket or to go regularly to the company restaurant with colleagues.