Deep-frying with the iVario.

Without compromises.

Use the iVario to blanch, deep fry or confit effortlessly and in no time. Thanks to the powerful heating system iVarioBoost, the oil is heated in record time and you can start deep-frying immediately. At the same time, the temperature is regulated so sensitively and precisely, that even meat, fish or vegetables can be prepared using the confit method.


A cooking system that can take on many tasks must quickly adapt to changing conditions. Like the iVario. An example: Boil rice pudding, quick clean, then fill and fry. This level of flexibility is provided by iVarioBoost, the powerful heating system which heats up in no time so you can get started.


AutoLift is the standard automatic raising and lowering mechanism, which takes on a huge amount of the supervision for you without losing sight of the quality. The built-in cooking intelligence will monitor the cooking process and automatically lift the food from the oil at the right time. The confit fish and meat are succulent. The deep-fried chips are crispy.