Business & Industry catering.

Production without compromises.


Something nobody can afford.

Staff catering, hospital, retirement home, event catering, different target groups, different foods and still the same challenges: Skills shortages, standardisation, flexible mealtimes, special diets and cost pressures. At the same time, the food has to be creative, fresh, balanced and fancy. The kitchen has to also keep up and be flexible and also produce intelligently. With a system that thinks, is experienced, learns, and forgets nothing. Which needs little space but still achieves a lot at the same time. Like the intelligent interaction of iCombi Pro and iVario Pro.

The goal: To become even more productive and more flexible. Without losing sight of the quality.

iCombi Pro and iVario Pro.

The power to change everything.

A big promise. At first glance this seems to be a paradox, however it makes sense when using two intelligent cooking systems. With two intelligent cooking systems that cover over 95% of all conventional cooking applications. Which are intelligent. Which have the same simple operating system. Which are quickly understood. Which have been developed for large quantities. Which can produce enormous variety. Which reliably deliver the same result time and time again. Which meet the hygiene requirements.

What do you get out of it? More productivity, more flexibility, more reliability.

A tried and tested team.

That share the work.

Buffet, menu, free flow staff catering is varied and demanding. A snack, a salad or pizza in between. To create customer experiences. A sophisticated high-en mise en place is all the more important. With cooking systems that are easy to operate with their identical operating system, that take on routine tasks, that produce the same quality time and time again, that work intelligently. Like the iVario Pro for pasta, casseroles or pudding for example. Without sticking, without over boiling, with excellent precision. Or the iCombi Pro. For gratins, chicken and vegetables. If you use ConnectedCooking, you can even operate your cooking systems when out and about.

The result: Great productivity, great results. No matter who’s using the cooking systems.


What an intelligent kitchen can do.

Fresh, convenience, frozen. Meat, fish, poultry, side dishes and desserts. Cook & Chill, Cook & Hold, Cook & Serve. 100 or thousands of meals. The iCombi Pro 20-1/1 can make up to 160 cordon bleu in a single load. All browned consistently. With less fat than in conventional cooking appliances. And in the iVario Pro XL you can sear 20 kg of meat in a single batch. With minimal shrinkage and delicious roasted aromas. Perfection in no time at all. In unrivalled quality, that is reproducible at any time.

The secret: The iCookingSuite, the cooking intelligence in both cooking systems, which recognises the size, quantity and condition of the foods and adjusts the cooking parameters. The broccoli stays green, crunchy and full of vitamins, the pasta al dente and the turkey steak is juicy on the inside, with grill stripes on the outside. Also replenishment is just as simple: the iCombi Pro produces different foods at the same time and the iVario Pro can be divided into up to four zones. For different products, with the same quality.

In both cooking systems, you can create your own tried and tested intelligent cooking paths so that you can access them at any time. If the iCombi Pro or the iVario Pro are connected via ConnectedCooking, you can send the cooking paths to the relevant units with a click. For the same high quality on all cooking systems. No matter who is operating the cooking system. No matter where the cooking system is installed.

Modern production: Great quantities, great quality. Simple to produce. Each and every time.

Health and well-being.

With vitamins you can taste.

Colourful, healthy, delicious is how business & industry catering must be. Every day. For every special request. With 95%* less fat, up to 40%* fewer calories, less food waste, less over-production and lower overheads. Plus more vitamins, colour, minerals and flavour. This is why the iCombi Pro cooks gently with 100% fresh steam. This is why iCombi Pro and iVario Pro have so much power that none of the meat juices run and the minerals are preserved. Also this is why the iVario Pro is so fast that it helps to retain the vitamins.

* Compared to conventional cooking technology.

This is how you benefit: With the iCombi Pro, you can create more efficiency and cost transparency without having to compromise on quality.

New ideas.

Helping to ensure that your guests remain satisfied in the future.

In business & industry catering, if you don't stay ahead of the game today, you won’t have any guests left tomorrow. It is becoming more and more important to regularly revise concepts, generate input and implement new ideas. This applies to the ambience in the company canteen, as well as how the food is served. This is precisely where RATIONAL is there for you. With know-how. With the necessary expertise. With many new ideas. Also with cooking systems that adapt to changes, are familiar with international recipes and cover 90 % of all conventional cooking applications. It is difficult to imagine a trend that the two cooking systems cannot master.

Stay flexible. Implement new ideas and concepts. With two cooking systems that can do almost everything.

Minimal food waste.

Achieve faster savings.

A variety of food in large quantities is required. It must be precise, delicious and healthy. Without producing unnecessary waste. Such as when Finishing in containers. The dishes are prepared, for example in the Cook & Chill process, then vacuum-packed or stored in a container in the cold store. This means you can purchase and produce in reserve. Then you can bring the foods that you need to serving temperature in the iCombi Pro when you need them. To ensure that you can serve crunchy, fresh vegetables full of vitamins, for example. Completely simple, completely safe, completely flexible. Because you can, of course, also prepare different products at the same time. Without any loss of quality. Quick and simple. The same applies to restocking.

This is how you benefit: Food always at the right temperature for service. Crunchy, fresh. Full of vitamins and colour. With low fat. Without overproduction.


Good for the environment, better for the cash flow.

Sustainability protects resources and saves money: Energy-efficient production and logistics, new standards in energy-saving and recycling of old units are a given at RATIONAL. Equally, sustainability is just as much of a given with the iCombi Pro and iVario Pro in your kitchen: Compared to conventional kitchen appliances, you save energy. You have a lower cost of goods. Less over-production. And also cook more healthily.

For the sake of the environment. You can cook healthily whilst maintaining an environmental balance.


You can look at it from any angle you want: The numbers work.

Not only do the iCombi Pro and iVario Pro does cook intelligently but they also save intelligently. Such as in energy consumption, workload, space requirement, consumption of raw materials and consumption of fat. In short, the results are impressive.

Up to 70 % lower energy costs*

Short preheating times eliminate the need for standby mode. Rolling loads with the iProductionManager in the iCombi Pro, zoned heating of the pan with iZoneControl in the iVario Pro also save energy.

Less working time*

It eliminates the need for routine tasks such as turning, checking and readjustment. Ultrafast cleaning in the iCombi Pro and super easy cleaning in the iVario Pro save time. Makes 1-2 hours of extra free time per day.

30 % less space requirement*

Together, the iCombi Pro and iVario Pro replace approx. 90% of conventional cooking equipment. So out with the tilting pan, boiling pan and deep-fat fryer – and in with freedom of movement. Or additional shop space.

Up to 25 % less consumption of raw materials*

The iCombi Pro sensitively adjusts its cooking processes which reduces weight and cutting loss. Nothing burns in the iVario Pro, and nothing boils over. This results in almost no loss at all. Together, this makes up to 20 % less consumption of raw materials.

* Compared to conventional cooking technology

It pays off. The bottom line is the extremely quick amortisation, but it's also fun to work with.

Hygiene and ergonomics.

To keep your mind at ease.

Bending, lifting, lugging, burning, bumping into things – all part and parcel of everyday kitchen life. However, now it's a thing of the past, as Because now the kitchen is ergonomic, labour-saving and efficient. Because RATIONAL has watched the chefs of this world and developed numerous solutions to protect backs, prevent burns and make life easier and safer. Automatic HACCP documentation, hygienic brilliant cleaning with the iCareSystem in the iCombi Pro and light cleaning in the iVario Pro. High work safety in the iCombi Pro with low rack height of 1.60 m max. Cold pan walls and rounded edges in the iVario Pro. And the certainty that everything is under control with the 6-point core probe, which even detects false readings.

All under control.
With ConnectedCooking, the RATIONAL internet platform, you can be certain: Automatic HACCP documentation, unit control, software updates – can all be taken care of at the desk. Do you have new recipes? They can also travel to the kitchens with just a click. All you need is a PC, smartphone or tablet.

Play it safe. The iCombi Pro and the iVario Pro meet international standards in terms of safety and hygiene. Everything is documented. To keep your mind at ease.

The iCombi Pro.

Making sure your kitchen is lacking in nothing.

Essentially, the iCombi Pro has only one task: Reliably delivering consistently good results. It is therefore equipped with a whole lot of intelligence and impresses with productivity, simplicity and quality. So, for example, it can recognise whether it needs to prepare 20 or 200 burger patties, and will regulate it all automatically. Or it supports you with time or energy-optimised production plans. For the most optimal buffet service for example.

The goal: Everything to save time, energy and raw materials.

The iVario Pro.

It's all about power. In every respect.

Intelligent technology - boiling, frying and deep-frying in a single cooking system. Fast and also precise. Food is prepared separately yet cost-effectively. Superb quality with few staff. Large kitchens need to reconcile conflicting needs in order to remain economical. Just like the new iVario Pro, which brings precision, productivity, speed and flexibility to your production.

For your kitchen: So you can generate impressive effects precisely and quickly.


The beginning of a wonderful friendship.

The right service makes the RATIONAL cooking system and your kitchen a complete success. From the initial consultation, the trial cooking, installation to the individual start training and software updates, plus the ChefLine, the telephone hotline for individual questions - RATIONAL has it all. Or you can attend training at the Academy RATIONAL. At the same time, you can contact a certified RATIONAL dealer at any time: They know all the cooking systems by heart and will find the right one for your kitchen. The worldwide RATIONAL Service team is always close at hand in case of emergencies.

All with a single objective. Ensuring your investment pays off in the long term, that you always get the most out of your cooking systems and that you never run out of ideas.

RATIONAL Foodservice live.

Don't just listen to us, try it for yourself.

Enough with the theory, time for practice because nothing is more convincing than seeing for yourself. experience the RATIONAL cooking systems in use, see the intelligent functions for yourself and try it out to see how you can work with them. Live, with no obligation and at a location near you. Do you have any questions or do you want some information specific to your needs and possible applications? Then call us or send us an e-mail.

Overview of models.

Which one is the right one for you?