Intelligent kitchen.

Reliably to the desired result. With no supervision.

Intelligent regulation, at the push of a button - with the iCookingSuite, the cooking intelligence in the iVario. Which individually adjusts the cooking path to the food, which brings everything to the desired cooking result, which learns from you, conforms to your cooking habits and only calls you when you need to take action. Such as to turn a steak. You can’t burn anything on it, or boil anything over. Low temperature cooking, delicate sweets - no problem at all. With AutoLift, the pasta will even come out the water automatically. Plus, if you want to give your own touch to the food, you can intervene in the cooking process.


The iCookingSuite is the cooking intelligence in the iVario for ease of use and the greatest possible support for boiling, frying, deep-frying or any cooking method you want. Intelligent sensors in the pan base recognise the load size, the condition and size of the food, and continually adjust the cooking process. As soon as you need to take some action, the iCookingSuite will let you know. So low temperature cooking has the same consistent quality overnight too, because the iCookingSuite regulates everything. You can also see some cooking paths for numerous local cuisines - such as Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Indian, Italian or Spanish. You tell the cooking system what you want to cook and the appropriate cooking path will start. For you this means a high level of flexibility. At a high standard of quality. And you save on monitoring, time, raw materials and energy.

User guidance.

You can find the ideal cooking path for your foods on the large and clear touch display using images or text. Even for untrained staff. Simply select a mode such as vegetables and side dishes or a cooking method such as frying, boiling or grilling as well as your desired result. The search assistant is another option. In addition to information on operating and using the iVario, you will also find the right cooking path here. Simply enter the desired casserole, e.g. chicken, select the cooking path and get started. You can also find useful tips and tricks for the preparation. You can be sure to find the right information quickly. For incomparable quality. With no waste.


With MyDisplay, you can set up your display exactly as you want it. Important content comes to the front, and irrelevant information is hidden. Once you set up your display, you can roll it out to all cooking systems, wherever they are. This simplifies operation. You can also set up different access rights for different user groups. This means you always have everything under control and the dishes are always made to the standard you want.


AutoLift is the automatic raising and lowering system fitted as standard which allows you to achieve accurate cooking of pasta, deep-fried, poached or boiled foods. Simply place the food in the boiling or deep-frying basket, set the desired result, and the rest will take care of itself. Thanks to intelligent regulation, the food is lowered into the hot cooking liquid and will be automatically lifted back out at the end of the cooking process. The pasta al dente, the vegetables with bite. Without you having to do anything, without constant monitoring, with your desired result.