Smoking with the iCombi Pro.

Intensive. Convenient. Delicious.

The special touch: Meat, fish and vegetables with aromatic smoky flavours and appetising colours. Just as you want them. Very easily done in the iCombi Pro. Intelligently controlled with consistently high quality. The VarioSmoker allows you to cook and smoke food at the same time. This saves you time, space and the cost of purchasing a special smoker. For the best news: The intelligent cooking processes of the iCombi Pro provide an easy introduction and guarantee results.

Plug & play.

Or: Connect and get started.

Simply connect the iCombi Pro and the VarioSmoker via USB, start the VarioSmoker and regulate it via the intelligent cooking processes. After just a few minutes of heating up, the intelligence of the iCombi Pro will deliver an optimal and professional cooking and smoking result. You can also use the VarioSmoker in all RATIONAL combi-steamers manufactured from 1997, but in manual mode.

Smoker box.

The smoke flavour: real, original, individual. The VarioSmoker works with standard smoking materials such as wood chips or pellets. By selecting smoking materials, the temperature in the cooking cabinet and an appropriate preparation of your raw materials you can determine the aroma and intensity.

Intelligent cooking processes.

Once the VarioSmoker is connected to the cooking system via the USB interface, the cooking processes will be displayed in the iCookingSuite. For an optimal smoking result. To additionally influence the intensity and aroma of the products, individual presmoking steps can be selected.

Low temperature smoking.

With the VarioSmoker, you can even smoke in the temperature range between 35 °C and 40 °C. This is because the fan wheel only rotates slowly and no heat is used. The benefit: The gentle preparation method preserves the nutrients, extends the shelf life of the food and obtains the typical smoked flavour.

Power supply bracket.

The VarioSmoker is delivered with a variable power supply bracket, which is affixed to the RATIONAL combi-steamer. This means the power supply is always safely placed at the correct working height. If the smoker box is not use, it can be hung in the bracket to save space.