Combi-steamer in the professional kitchen.

The WOW effect: High investment peace of mind with the iCombi Pro.

The primary goal is to produce quality at the highest level every day. Without losing sight of the costs in the hospitality industry. And because guests do not want to compromise on their food, the kitchen must be uncompromising in its equipment. In terms of reliability, service life and operating and maintenance costs.

One of the best combi-steamers for the professional kitchen shines on all three counts: the iCombi Pro.

1. Low operating costs in the hospitality industry.

All iCombi Pro units are EnergyStar-certified. Among other things, this ensures that all RATIONAL combi-steamers are 35% more energy-efficient on average than the six-year-old previous model. This allows the hospitality industry to easily save energy.

This is thanks to:

  • Improved insulation
  • Two heat reflection coatings on the door panes
  • Steam control for lower energy and water consumption

2. Outstanding quality.

The iCombi Pro is a professional combi-oven with an outstanding product quality due to its high level of development know-how and a large vertical range of manufacturing. This also gives us a lead in knowledge of technology that promises the same high levels for the future.

3. Cost savings in food preparation.

Steaming, grilling, deep-frying – different cooking processes that require different kitchen appliances. Normally. It can also all be done in just one iCombi Pro.