Current safety information:

Tabletop units

iCombi Pro Gas 6-1/1
iCombi Pro Gas 6-2/1
iCombi Pro Gas 10-1/1
iCombi Pro Gas 10-2/1

In very rare cases, iCombi Pro gas tabletop units with software versions LM100 - 16.1.20 and LM100 - 16.1.24 may cause the cooking cabinet to overheat. In the worst case, this could cause a fire.

It is therefore imperative that all iCombi Pro gas tabletop units with the above software versions are updated to the latest software version LM100 - 16.1.27 without delay.

Safety note: If you notice smoke coming from the cooking cabinet in an affected unit, switch off the unit. Do not open the cooking cabinet door as this may cause the smoke or grease to ignite.

The latest software version is available on the RATIONAL website .

Here you will also find information on updating units.

So that you always have the latest software version installed in future, we recommend an automatic and free software update via ConnectedCooking .

You can read the software version of your unit as follows:

1. Select the settings:
2. Then select the Cooking system menu item:
3. The software version is displayed in the top menu item:

Software version in this example: LM100-16.1.24