Swimming worlds of indulgence.

Different challenges.

One answer.

2,000 guests, 900 crew members, not a rarity on a cruise ship. Up to 1,000 men on the oil rig. An exclusive and demanding tour on the yacht. A handful of researchers on an expedition ship. Different people, different nations, different tastes. However everyone wants to eat 24 hours a day. Hot, cold, fish, meat, savoury and sweet. Come rain or shine. So the galley equipment has to keep up and be flexible and produce intelligently. With a system that thinks with you, is experienced, learns from you, forgets nothing and does not get seasick. At the same time that takes up little space but can still do a lot. Like the iCombi Pro and the iVario Pro.

The goal: To become more productive, more flexible. Without losing sight of quality.

Planning and concept.

Everything as you want.

Off-the-shelf concepts rarely work. Individual advice is all the more important. Tailored to your key issues. Focussing on your needs. Whether you manage a fleet, a yacht or an oil rig. Whether you require support in one or more areas. As it is not the everyday that will decide your success, but the satisfaction of your guests, and a high standard of quality. Consistently implemented.

Your advantage: Experienced contact, individual consultation, specific implementation.

The new standard.

Requires less space More output.

A big promise. Which may seem to be a paradox at first glance, but which makes sense when using two intelligent cooking systems. With two cooking systems that cover over 90% of all conventional cooking applications. Which are intelligent. Which are easy to operate. Which have been developed for large quantities. Which are seaworthy, because the cooking cabinet door can be locked in place, the hinging rack is secured, the stainless steel feet are fixed to the floor and the tabletop units have ram protection.

What do you get out of it? More productivity more productivity, more flexibility, more reliability.

The iCombi Pro.

Making sure your galley is lacking in nothing.

Essentially, the iCombi Pro only has one task: Reliably delivering consistently good results. This is why it is equipped with a whole lot of intelligence and impresses with productivity, simplicity and quality. So, for example, it can recognise whether it needs to prepare 20 or 200 burger patties, and will regulate it all automatically. Or it supports you with time or energy-optimised production plans. For the most optimal buffet service for example.

The goal: Everything to save time, energy and raw materials.

The iVario Pro.

It's all about power. In every respect.

Intelligent technology boils, fries and deep-fries in a single cooking system. Fast and also precise. Every food is prepared separately yet cost-effectively. Superb quality with few staff. Large galleys need to reconcile conflicting needs in order to remain economical. Just like the new iVario Pro, which brings precision, productivity, speed and flexibility to your production.

For your galley: So you can generate impressive effects precisely and quickly.

Variety is hard work.

The work can now be shared.

Morning, lunchtime and evening. Buffet, bar service, midnight snack and staff catering. A little snack in between, a piece of cake, a pizza. Galley service knows no breaks but only perfection. A sophisticated high-end mise en place service is all the more important. With cooking systems that take on routine tasks, which produce the same quality time and time again, which work intelligently thanks to iCookingSuite. Like the iVario Pro for pasta, casseroles or pudding for example. Without sticking, without over boiling, with excellent precision. Or the iCombi Pro. For bakes, roasts and vegetables.

The result: High productivity and a high standard of quality. No matter who is operating the units.

A good start to the day.

For your guests and your staff.

Diverse, healthy, cold or hot - this is breakfast. This is delicious and leaves an impression on guests. Your challenge: To not present too much or too little on the buffet, and of course to make sure everything is fresh, crisp and with perfect consistency. Preferably for several hours. Sounds complicated, but it isn't. Because pancakes, bacon and French toast can be cooked together in the iCombi Pro. Or grilled tomatoes and hash browns. Or different types of bread. The iProductionManager will tell you what can be cooked together, it regulates the production processes and will only prompt you to load and unload.

For one reason: A wide variety and great quality - with minimal effort. In other words, maximum productivity.

Varied. Good Quality. Precise.

So that you can accommodate any request in à la carte.

The requirements in à la carte service: It has to be varied, it has to be good, it has to be cooked to perfection. The processes have to be sophisticated and you have to be able to respond flexibly. By consistently separating production and service for example, and still guaranteeing quality. Like with sous-vide cooking in the iVario Pro. Or with finishing in the iCombi Pro: Plate food cold, chill and only bring to serving temperature on order. In parallel, the steak can be cooked à la minute in the iVario Pro.

Your benefits: High standard of quality, greater flexibility and no over-production. Ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Show them what you can achieve for a banquet.

On every single plate.

With Finishing, prepare all the foods in advance, regardless of the time of the event, such as using the cook & chill method. Plate up the food and keep it chilled. Now you have time for your day-to-day business. Shortly before serving, bring all the plates up to the right temperature, at the same time using Finishing in the iCombi Pro. This is possible to achieve with several thousand meals. Always with the same good quality. Always with the standard you define, because the iCombi Pro regulates it all by itself, and will only signal to load or unload the food.

This makes every banquet a success. With no stress. With no additional staff costs. With quality and consistent results.


Good for the environment, better for the cash flow.

Get an idea of the savings you can achieve by integrating one or more iCombi Pro and iVario Pro units. You can save a lot of space and a lot of appliances you will no longer need - this will make your galley footprint up to 60% smaller. You can also save investment costs, the two cooking systems cover up to 90% of standard cooking applications which eliminates the need for a whole range of other units. Then there is the environment, sustainable production and low energy consumption of the cooking systems on the one hand, and less over-production, less consumption of fat, less working time and less space on the other hand. Together this is a major plus for your cash flow and the environment.

For the sake of the balance sheet. It saves a lot of money. As well as energy and water.

Space saving

The iCombi Pro and iVario Pro replace numerous conventional galley appliances such as the tilting pan, boiling pan and deep-fat fryer. So you can even design a smaller galley and create more space for guests.

Time saving

Fast heating in the iVario Pro, no supervision requirement in the iCombi Pro – together results in an enormous time saving in the production of 80 meals.


All under control.

Networking is moving forward – it all runs digitally, and it is all synchronised. Just like ConnectedCooking by RATIONAL. Recipe transfer, unit control, hygiene data, software updates and service remote access with the secure networking solution you can control everything from your desk. For all connected appliances. You can also access and save HACCP data from all appliances. Recipes travel at the touch of a button to the cooking systems. All you need is a PC, smartphone or tablet. Networking does not get easier than that.

Powerful networking by RATIONAL. Always keeps everything under control.

Tested marine quality.

That stands the test of time. For years on end.

A normal day in the galleys is hard work. RATIONAL cooking systems are also tough and best prepared for the requirements of the high seas. The stainless steel feet on the iCombi Pro and iVario Pro can be welded to the ship floor or fixed to be slip and tilt-proof. In the iCombi Pro, door stoppers, door impact protection grids and modified rack rails also provide safety. In addition to high workmanship in every single cooking system. The marine versions are therefore DNV GL approved and meet USPHS guidelines.


As safety in the galleys and uninterrupted production, even in rough seas, is the priority.

Training with RATIONAL.

To make the new galley a successful one.

The iCombi Pro and iVario Pro are self-explanatory and can easily be operated error-free after just a brief induction even by untrained staff. Tailored to your own food concept or one created by RATIONAL, we will train you and your employees so that everything works smoothly and only desired results are produced.

For your success.
Individual training, train-the-trainer, motivated employees and satisfied customers.

RATIONAL Marine service.

Your partner on the high seas.

With the individual marine service, makes the RATIONAL cooking system and your galley a complete success: comprehensive service network especially for shipping, automatic identification system (AIS) for real time information and prompt service on board, training for your technicians on board for troubleshooting, diagnostics and repairs at sea, maintenance schedule for smooth operation and the special RATIONAL marine service app with operating instructions, circuit diagrams as well as important information for quick troubleshooting.

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