Anyone can use this combi steam oven. Don't believe us?

The WOW effect: More user-friendly.

Simple, intuitive, individual. That’s how it should always be.

Simple and intuitive operation in an intelligent kitchen makes life measurably easier. The touch-screen display can also be customised so that anyone can work with it, be it restaurants, industry catering or supermarkets.

This is an innovative kitchen, simple to use for both professionals, newcomers and temporary staff, so that everyone is familiar with the processes, quickly. Despite this, the learning time and error rates are low, even when everyday life becomes hectic and stressful.

MyDisplay and iCombi Pro – a match made in heaven.

MyDisplay is the user interface that makes everything easier. This is because the display of the iCombi is configured to display only what is relevant for the user and the chef. Especially in industries where processes are standardised or staff turnover is high, this is a useful tool.

It is even simpler if you set up MyDisplay via ConnectedCooking and distribute it to all connected cooking systems via the networking solution.

The right accessories - make many things easier.

In addition to the intuitive operation, the original RATIONAL accessories also make life easier for the user. For example, the practical pull-out rails.

Smooth pull-out for cooking accessories, enables quick loading and unloading of products in à la carte operation.

The RATIONAL search assistant always has the right answer.

All the cooking paths, usage examples, programs and settings, from the acoustic signal to the display brightness, the iCombi Pro is packed full of features. The intuitive operating concept makes it easy to find them.

If that's not the scenario, the search assistant will step in to help.

For a guaranteed path to your desired outcome, it's effortlessly user-friendly. Just tap the magnifying glass and type in a keyword. Just type a few letters and the search assistant will give you instant results.