Pressure cooking with the iVario Pro.

Easy and quick. Done.

The iVario Pro.

Builds up pressure to take the pressure off: When things need to get done quickly, you can counter this with the optional intelligent pressure cooking function. Secured with the internal lock, casseroles, braised dishes, stocks, soups and stews can also be cooked up to 35 % faster. Without any loss of quality of course. Without maintenance requirements. The iVarioBoost heating system builds the pressure at the push of a button and keeps it constant. Throughout the entire cooking process. This protects the structure of the food and you can still achieve the best cooking results in no time.

No maintenance.

The pressure in the iVario Pro is designed to allow you to work more quickly on the one hand. On the other hand, you will not have any additional maintenance as would be required with higher pressures.

Controlled pressure build-up.

The built-in cooking intelligence iCookingSuite provides for a uniform level of pressure and therefore optimal food quality.