RATIONAL International AG.

RATIONAL International AG is part of the RATIONAL Group and commenced operations in Heerbrugg, Switzerland, on 1/1/2006. After 10 years, Rational International AG has more than 80 employees, works with over 300 dealers and more than 300 service companies, in order to offer customers around the world maximum benefit. Some of our subsidiaries as well as our liaison offices and teams around the world are managed from Switzerland. Our international customer service is also based here and looks after global customer matters.

We understand our customers.

Around one third of our employees are chefs from all different cultures and regions of the world. Because as different as your challenges and desires are, our field sales chefs work tirelessly to meet your requirements. Always with the objective of inspiring you with our technology and getting the very best out of the unit for you. We are at home in the kitchen.

Our Internal Sales team also plays a key role in our organisation. Whether in approaching customers, order processing, marketing or customer service, you will always find somebody to listen and a solution to your concerns. With a lot of commitment and dedication, and above all with the passion for cooking, we are there for you - throughout the product service life.

Facts and figures.
  • Year of foundation:
  • Office location in the country:
    Heerbrugg, Switzerland
  • Number of employees: