Because it is in use for 24 hours.

The WOW effect: time savings with the iCombi Pro.

Overnight cooking.

When everyone is sleeping, that doesn't mean that a professional kitchens stops working. Because this is when the iCombi Pro gets busy: for example, with RATIONAL low temperature cooking, succulent and flavoursome meat can be prepared overnight without supervision. Without any stress for the hospitality industry.


Fast and thorough cleaning whenever it is convenient. Easy with iCareSystem. Either overnight when everyone is gone or during the day if necessary. The iCombi Pro automatically detects the degree of soiling - heavy, medium or light, and suggests the ideal cleaning level accordingly. It features nine cleaning programs: light, medium, or strong in Normal and Eco modes. And when you need to move fast, the ultra-fast interim cleaning comes into play: it cleans everything in approx. 12 minutes then the combi-steamer is ready for use again.

How a casual dining restaurant saves time

Changing from conventional technology to iCombi Pro is the key to success. Time savings was the first thing that Negril, a fast-casual restaurant with dine-in and delivery service, dove into. The transitioning from conventional technology to RATIONAL has offered tremendous benefits. In addition, Negril has now standardized its kitchen processes even more and improved the consistent quality of its food.