iVario Pro. In the restaurant.

The Game Changer.

Speed & precision.

Impressive performance. Perfect results.

Short heating times, perfect temperature management, low energy consumption, quick cleaning. With the iVario Pro. Precise, intelligent, efficient - these are the new rules. So nothing sticks or boils over. And only the best results leave the kitchen.

This is made possible by the ceramic heating elements, which are connected to the fast-response, scratch-resistant pan base. The entire pan base is heated evenly, and the temperature is quickly reduced if necessary. And then there is also the reserve capacity. For large searing quantities or adding liquid without temperature fluctuations.


It can work even faster: Pressure cooking in the iVario Pro 2-S.

  • Optional, intelligent pressure cooking function
  • Internal lock
  • Up to 46 % faster than conventional cooking methods
  • Excellent food quality
  • No maintenance

Versatility: Boiling, frying and deep-frying in a single cooking system.


Easy to operate for delicious results.

The control centre of the iVario Pro.

Sensors in the pan base recognise the load quantity, the condition and size of the food, and adjust the cooking process. Regardless of the cooking method. Automatically. Every time. Effortlessly. If you do need to get involved, the iVario will let you know.

Very practical in the restaurant: The pan base can be divided into up to four zones. To prepare different foods at different temperatures. In this way, a single cooking system does what it would normally take many to do.

Work simply, quickly and efficiently with an intuitive operating concept. What about applications or settings that are rarely in use on a day-to-day basis? Find users with the search functions. Without having to spend a long time looking at the display or going through the manual.

Customised display: With MyDisplay and ConnectedCooking.

MyDisplay can be used to reduce the iVario user interface so that kitchen staff only see the functions they need on any given production day. This ensures that even untrained staff can achieve the desired results after a short training period.

Even simpler: With ConnectedCooking, you can make display changes remotely and distribute them to all networked cooking systems across multiple sites.

The advantages at a glance.

Save space, save working time and still serve guests the best food quality every time. It's possible. With an iVario.


As a rule, restaurants have lots of equipment, but little space. Now comes the iVario and replaces the stove, pots, pans, deep-fat fryer, pressure cooker and bain-marie. Which creates a lot of space.

Save working time.

The iVario takes a lot of work off your hands. Because it is fast. Because it doesn't need supervision. Because it can also cook overnight. This saves a lot of working time.

Food quality.

The iVario implements specifications and always makes sure that the food is handled in the best possible way. To turn an idea into something delicious.

Details. So important.

Accessories for the iVario Pro.

Eat with your eyes too.

Lip-smacking deliciousness, culinary delights, delicacies - the iVario can produce all of these.

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10 years availability
of service parts.

RATIONAL guarantees 10 years of availability of all listed service parts. This means you benefit from a long service life, increase planning reliability and guarantee minimum downtimes.

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