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Destination: enjoyment.

Special guests require special attention.

The keys to your success: surprising, impressing, fascinating. With ambiance, service, unique ideas - and especially with a great food concept. Because you want to set yourself apart from other hotel categories, to reinforce customer loyalty... and, of course, to turn a profit. But what looks natural and easy to your guests requires a lot of hard work behind the scenes. Why not delegate some of that to an intelligent system that learns, anticipates, plans, and remembers? And supports your team of chefs.

Rise to the challenge Impress your guests with the food you offer. And impress your employees with how much work you save them.

The iCombi Pro.

Expect the unexpected.

With a single appliance that anticipates, learns, remembers, monitors, and adapts. One that can prepare 90% of all dishes. One that saves space and investment costs. Because it can bake, roast, grill, and steam. One with intelligent assistant functions that react dynamically to your changing needs. More food than usual? Food still frozen? Left the cooking cabinet door open too long? No matter what happens, the iCombi Pro adjusts its settings accordingly, so you’ll always get the results you want.

When it comes down to it, the iCombi Pro only has one job: preparing food exactly the way you want it, every single time. That’s why it’s equipped with so much intelligence - and why it offers such impressive productivity, quality, and simplicity. It detects whether you’re making one steak or 20, and adjusts its own parameters automatically. It helps you optimize your production schedule for speed or energy consumption - to keep your breakfast buffet perfectly stocked, for example.

All with one goal in mind: Helping you wow your customers over and over again with exceptional ideas.

Variety is hard work.

But not for you.

Morning, noon, evening. Breakfast, banquets, a-la-carte lunch, room service. And don't forget snacks, staff meals, and desserts. Serving guests never stops, and nothing less than perfection will suffice. Which makes having a well-designed kitchen concept that much more important. Using a cooking system that handles routine tasks, can handle innumerable cooking applications, produces the same great quality again and again, and works intelligently thanks to the iCookingSuite. A cooking system like the iCombi Pro. For casseroles, roasts, side dishes, vegetables, and more.

The result: Great productivity, great results. No matter who’s using the iCombi Pro.

A good start to the day.

For your guests and your staff.

Diverse, healthy, cold, hot - that’s how breakfast should be. Whatever your guests’ preferences, a great breakfast makes a big impression. Now all you have to do is stock the buffet with exactly the right amount of fresh, crisp food that’s the perfect consistency, ideally for several hours. Sounds complicated? It’s never been easier. You can do bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs and French toast at the same time in the iCombi Pro. Or hash browns and grilled tomatoes. Or hard rolls, croissants, and baguettes. The iProductionManager tells you which foods can be cooked together, manages your production processes, and automatically messages you when it’s time to load or unload.

With one goal in mind: A wide variety of delicious results, with minimal effort. In other words: maximum productivity.

Diverse. Delicious. Perfect.

So you can grant any wish in À-la-carte service.

À-la-carte operations face a long list of challenges: food has to be good, it has to be varied, it has to be ready right on schedule. Which means your processes have to be well-organized, and your kitchen team needs to be agile and flexible. By separating production and service completely, for example. And guaranteeing great-quality results. How? By producing food in advance, plating it, storing it chilled, and then using Finishing in the iCombi Pro to bring plates up to serving temperature as needed.

How you benefit: High standard of quality, enormous flexibility, no overproduction. So things run right.

Demonstrate your banquet expertise.

Plate after plate.

Four hundred guests, three different multi-course meals, all served at the same time. Thanks to Finishing. Prepare your food in advance and with less stress using the cook-and-chill process, and be ready in time for any event. Plate the food cold and store it chilled. And then go about your regular working day. Shortly before the food needs to be served, use Finishing in the iCombi Pro to bring each plate up to the perfect temperature. What if you’re serving a thousand meals, or five thousand? Doesn't matter - you’ll always get the same great quality results, exactly to the standards you’ve defined. Because the iCombi Pro automatically regulates everything, only notifying you when it’s time to load or unload your food.

Photo: Hilton, Birmingham

Guaranteed banquet success. No stress. No extra staff. Unmatched results.

Rule number one for satisfied guests.

Bar food is more than cocktail olives.

Excellent bar food, round-the-clock room service, snacks in between. Sweet, savory. Innovative homemade creations, reliable convenience foods, legendary classics - serve your guests food they’ll love, any time of the day or night. Because the iCombi Pro is so easy to use, you can get good results even if you're not necessarily a chef. And MyDisplay gives you the reassurance that every dish will be prepared correctly. Make homemade pizza, baked goods, or whatever else you’re looking to do - all at the press of a button.

All with one goal in mind: Delicious snacks, reliable quality, quick production. Which adds up to satisfied customers.

An investment that’s worth it.

To the environment, to your bottom line, and to your hotel.

Let us help you get an idea of the savings you could enjoy by installing one or more iCombi Pro units. For one, you’ll save a lot of space thanks to all the equipment you'll no longer need - you’ll accomplish more in a kitchen that could be 55% smaller. For another, you’ll save on investment costs: the iCombi Pro covers up to 90% of the common cooking applications, eliminating the need for a variety of appliances. And then there’s the environmental savings. The iCombi Pro uses less energy, which means more sustainable food production. And you’ll also reduce your overproduction, use less fat, cut your working time, and save space. Which adds up to major pluses for the environment as well as your bottom line.

The bottom line It significantly reduces costs. And conserves energy and water, too.
Cost per meal Average cost of ingredients
Conventional cooking technology* $1.84
iCombi Pro $1.47
Cost per meal Energy and water
Conventional cooking technology* $0.07
iCombi Pro $0.06
Cost per meal Labor costs per meal
Conventional cooking technology* $0.32
iCombi Pro $0.22
Cost per meal Staff costs
Conventional cooking technology* $0.41
iCombi Pro $0.41
Cost per meal Cleaning, care, and repairs
Conventional cooking technology* $0.15
iCombi Pro $0.06
Cost per meal Operating costs
Conventional cooking technology* $0.34
iCombi Pro $0.31
Cost per meal Total
Conventional cooking technology* = $3.13
iCombi Pro = $2.53

150–300 servings per day
Example dish: chicken fricassee with rice, peas and carrots

* without combi-steamer


Multiple units, but everything’s still visible at a glance.

In hotels, technology is the rule, not the exception. Booking systems, billing, staff planning - everything’s digital, everything’s coordinated. Just like ConnectedCooking by RATIONAL. Recipe transmission, device control, hygiene data, software updates, service remote access - our secure networking solution lets you control everything from wherever you're working. For all networked RATIONAL cooking systems. Anywhere in the world. You can also access and save HACCP data from all cooking systems. Created a new menu? Send it around the world with just a click. All you need is a PC, tablet or smartphone. Standardization has never been easier.

High-performance networking by RATIONAL. You'll always have everything under control.


We’ve thought of everything.

Service and customer support are important at RATIONAL. From initial consultations and trial cooking to test units, installation, and worldwide training – not to mention automatic software updates and the ChefLine hotline for individual questions – we cover all the bases. You can also turn to Academy RATIONAL for additional training on specific topics, such as Finishing. And if an emergency ever arises, RATIONAL’s worldwide service network will be there in no time.

Designed to help you make the most of your cooking systems
and gain enjoyment for years to come... and ensure that you’re never short of ideas.

Individual consultation services for your hotel.

Benefit from our expertise.

Whether you’re looking for comprehensive consultation, help with concept development, or maintenance agreements - for one hotel or several hundred - RATIONAL is your experienced hotel-industry partner. For full-service and limited-service hotels alike. You can use our entire service cycle or just one of the items listed. And, crucially, you can jump in at any point on the cycle. Interested? RATIONAL’s hotel experts would love to hear from you at

hotels@rational-online.com .

iCombi live.

Don’t just take our word for it – find out for yourself.

Enough theory - time for practice! Nothing’s more convincing than seeing it for yourself. Experience RATIONAL cooking systems up close, see their intelligent features in action, and learn how they can work for you. Register for a in-person, no obligation, cooking event near you online. Call us or send us an email if you have any questions, or if you’d like to discuss RATIONAL cooking systems and how they can meet your individual needs.


Ingredients for success.

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