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Perfect equipment for your professional kitchen.

For the ideally equipped professional kitchen, you only need two appliances: the iCombi Pro combi-steamer and the iVario Pro multi-functional cooking system. Together, they cover up to 90% of all conventional cooking applications. You can fully experience the potential of your kitchen with ConnectedCooking our digital kitchen management tool.

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Innovative products from RATIONAL.

For more than 50 years, customer value has been a core value of RATIONAL. This is why the company sees itself not as a machine builder and manufacturer of commercial kitchen cooking systems but rather as an innovative solution provider. We're here to support you with challenges in the professional kitchen, whether they be a shortage of skilled workers, cost pressure, or quality requirements.

iVario Pro.

The iVario Pro replaces tilting skillets, boilers and pressure cookers in commercial catering. It replaces the stove, pot, pan, and deep-fat fryer in restaurants. Intelligent, fast, and precise. Its unique heating technology makes it up to four times faster, with up to 40% less energy consumption compared to conventional kitchen technology.

iCombi Pro.

Roast, bake, grill, steam, deep-fry, poach, low-temperature cooking – all in a single cooking system. The intelligent iCombi Pro combi-steamer is simple and intuitive to use for everyone. It has integrated cooking expertise, and thanks to the autonomous iCareSystem AutoDose cleaning and storage system, it automatically ensures the highest level of cleanliness. For the results you want, each and every day.

iCombi Classic.

Experienced chefs cannot imagine their kitchens without it – the iCombi Classic combi-steamer. The steam and hot air combi mode can be adjusted with precision. Easy to use. With automatic cleaning. Together, they are a safe investment for professionals who know their trade and need reliable technology for everyday challenges.


How can you make your kitchen even faster, simpler, and safer? With digital ConnectedCooking kitchen management. You’ll always have an overview of all appliance data and HACCP data. You can remotely create recipes, cooking programs, and reach your cooking systems with just one click. Download the free app and network your RATIONAL products today.


From mobile racks to oil carts. From muffin tins to the roasting and baking tray. From the VarioSmoker to the sous-vide and pasteurization kit. There is a solution for every challenge. Discover original RATIONAL accessories.

Professional kitchen technology for all needs

Whether catering, hotel or the supermarket. Whether large, or small professional kitchens. RATIONAL commercial kitchen cooking systems can be ideally adapted to the needs and requirements of your industry. Find out more about how we can support you so that you can concentrate on what matters most: cooking for your guests.