Pressure cooking with the iVario Pro.

Fast, fast, fast. That’s all there is to it.

The iVario Pro.

Build up pressure to take pressure off: if you regularly need things done ASAP, our optional intelligent pressure-cooking function is the time-saver you need. The pan’s interior locking mechanism creates a safe and reliable seal, cutting cooking time by up to 30% on stews, braised dishes, stocks, soups, and casseroles. Without sacrificing quality, of course. No extra maintenance required. The iVarioBoost heating system builds up pressure at the touch of a button, and maintains it at a constant level throughout the entire cooking process, so the cellular structure of the food is preserved - which means top-quality results, ready in no time.

High pressure, low stress.

The iVario Pro’s pressure settings are optimized: high enough that food cooks measurably faster, but low enough that they aren’t subject to special statutes on pressure vessels.

Controlled pressure release.

The integrated iCookingSuite cooking intelligence keeps pressure levels consistent, ensuring delicious results.