It can be used 24 hours a day.

The WOW Effect: Time savings with the iCombi Pro.

Overnight cooking.

Just because everyone's asleep doesn't mean work stops in a professional kitchen. The iCombi Pro is still on the job, preparing succulent, flavorful meat and other dishes using RATIONAL's low-temperature cooking—with no supervision. One less source of stress for hospitality professionals.


Clean quickly and thoroughly whenever scheduling allows. It's easy thanks to iCareSystem. As needed during the day, or overnight when everyone's away. The iCombi Pro automatically recognizes whether it needs light, medium, or heavy-duty cleaning. And suggests the perfect cleaning from among nine programs—in either Normal or Eco mode. Need results on the double? Ultra-fast interim cleaning is the answer: after just 12 minutes, the iCombi Pro is clean and ready to use again.