The iCombi Pro – the combi oven that stands for process reliability.

The WOW Effect: Kitchen processes that run like clockwork.

The future of hospitality.

Increasing numbers of seniors in care facilities, increasing foodservice requirements in schools and day cares, increasing expectations among restaurant customers—all challenges the hospitality industry faces on a daily basis. Meanwhile, financial pressures are on the rise, and there's really no end in sight to the skilled labor shortage. In short, the hospitality industry has to contend with greater economic constraints without sacrificing speed or quality. But there's a way out: absolute process reliability to keep both quality and expenses under control.

Flexible planning.

The iCombi Pro helps users organize complex production processes intelligently and flexibly. It doesn't matter whether chefs want to cook different products at the same time, produce food as quickly as possible, sequence dishes for maximum energy efficiency, or work towards a specific target time. In the end, they avoid bottlenecks, which means less stress.

Balanced processes.

Overnight cooking, mixed loads, standardized quality—kitchen workflows fit together to form a greater whole.

But these challenges require changes in organization and production. One approach: separating food production and service to create balance in stressful kitchen workdays. The magic word is "Finishing." Whether it's plate Finishing for banquets, à-la-carte Finishing in restaurants, or container Finishing in commercial catering. Mise en place takes place well in advance; dishes are stored vacuum-packed or chilled and only regenerated when needed, and in a matter of minutes.