The new definition of control.

For mise en place and à-la-carte service.

Life in the kitchen: stress, hectic rush, finishing on time and at the same time. A real logistical challenge. Well, it was. Because now you’ve got the support of the iCombi Pro - and its iProductionManager, which makes mixed loads a piece of cake. Just move tickets onto the display and it will show you which of them can be cooked together. The system monitors each rack separately, adjusting cooking times intelligently based on quantities and the results you want. You decide whether you want everything ready at once, or whether you’d prefer to start cooking everything at the same time. Either way, the iCombi Pro will tell you when to put each dish into the cooking cabinet - and voilà: your food’s ready.


The iProductionManager helps you organize à-la-carte, mise en place, and complex production processes flexibly and intelligently: you can prepare different products simultaneously, optimize them for speed or energy efficiency, sequence them by different courses, or use a specified production time. Without sacrificing quality.

Relaxed à-la-carte.

Many orders, one appliance. With iProductionManager, you can prepare different dishes together in a single cooking cabinet. Searing? Steaming? Grilling? Frying? No problem. The iProductionManager monitors each rack and shows you which foods can go in together. Just drag the ticket to the rack of your choice, and iProductionManager will make sure that everything comes out perfectly. It adjusts for load sizes and even intelligently adapts cooking times when you open the door. You’ll always know what’s going on, and you can rest assured that everything will come out exactly right. If you like, you can add multiple timed tickets to iProductionManager and then manually monitor the racks.

One rack, two trays.

iProductionManager gives you even more flexibility when you’re using two trays or preparing two different components on a single rack: if you want, you can assign two different foods to the same level, and iProductionManager will monitor them separately. Practical lengthwise insertion means that you can prepare each component on its own half-sized pan or tray.

Production planning.

Good planning makes life in the kitchen a lot less stressful. Which is why we gave iProductionManager the intelligence to plan your entire production process. Just indicate which dishes you want to prepare and whether you’d prefer to optimize the process for time or energy consumption. The iProductionManager tells you which products to load into the iCombi Pro in which order (or simultaneously), and automatically arranges the tickets onto the corresponding racks. The cooking system only calls you when it’s time to load or unload. The rest happens automatically. You have production under control at all times without actually needing to monitor, and new staff members can learn to use the system easily. All in the name of flexibility and efficiency.

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