Academy RATIONAL Online.

Free training for you and your team.

Feel like you aren’t using your RATIONAL cooking system to its fullest potential? Ready to learn how to bring more efficiency to your kitchen? Have new team members who could use some RATIONAL training?

At these free Academy RATIONAL Online events, you and your team can learn how to get the most out of your RATIONAL cooking system, gain inspiration to elevate your menu offerings and improve work your kitchen’s workflow. Best of all, these training seminars are completely free.

Hosted by our Canadian corporate chef team live from the RATIONAL Canada test kitchen. These events are ideal for everyone who wants to utilize their RATIONAL equipment to its maximum potential.

Let us show you how to get more done with less.

What is in it for you and your team?
  • Get additional training for yourself and your kitchen team.
  • Motivate your employees; impress your customers.
  • Discover creative new ideas for your menu.
  • Let us introduce you to new trends and techniques.