The iCombi Pro outperforms them all.

The WOW Effect: Top hygiene standards.


iCareSystem—for effortless cleaning. Whenever it fits into the schedule. As needed during the day, or overnight when everyone's away. The iCombi Pro automatically recognizes whether it needs light, medium, or heavy-duty cleaning. And suggests an ideal cleaning solution from nine different programs. In Normal or Eco mode. Need results on the double? Ultra-fast interim cleaning is the answer: After only 12 minutes, the iCombi Pro is ready to use again.

HACCP in foodservice. The simple, unbureaucratic way.

Brilliant, hygienic cleaning with iCareSystem and automatic HACCP documentation—an unbeatable duo when it comes to combi oven hygiene.

And with the ConnectedCooking digital kitchen management system, digital kitchens can do even more, like creating automatic HACCP cleaning plans and allowing users to monitor everything conveniently from their desk or home.

Pasteurizing: sterility and shelf life without sacrificing quality.

Want to increase food safety and shelf life? The magic word is "pasteurization." Use the sous vide and pasteurization kit to pasteurize food, which kills most germs through gentle heating— taste and nutrients are preserved.