Deep-frying with the iVario.

With zero compromises.

Blanching, deep-frying, confit - they’re all lightning-fast and effortless in the iVario. The powerful iVarioBoost heating system heats the oil in record time, which means you can start frying in record time. It also regulates the temperature to the exact degree, so you can even prepare confit of meat, fish, or vegetables.


Cooking systems that handle a lot of different tasks also need to be able to adjust quickly to changing circumstances. Fortunately, the iVario has that covered. Example: Finish the rice pudding, do a quick clean, move on to the French fries. This unparalleled flexibility is thanks to iVarioBoost, the powerful heating system that preheats in no time so you can get cooking.


AutoLift is the iVario’s included automatic lifting and lowering mechanism that saves you a ton of checking and monitoring work without affecting the quality of your results. The integrated cooking intelligence monitors the cooking process and lifts the food out of the oil at just the right moment. Fish and meat confits turn out buttery-soft and flavorful. French fries: crisp outside, tender inside.