Navigating maritime Solutions.

Many unique challenges.

One flexible solution.

Two thousand guests, 900 crew members - not an uncommon sight on cruise ships. Up to 1,000 people working on an offshore oil rig. A small, sophisticated group on a yacht. A handful of researchers on an expedition vessel. Different people, different nationalities, different tastes. But they all want to be able to eat 24 hours a day. Hot, cold, meat, fish, savory, sweet. No matter the weather. Which means the galley equipment has to be flexible and durable enough to keep up. And produce food intelligently. With a system that learns, plans ahead, remembers everything, and doesn’t get seasick. One that does a lot, but takes up very little space. Like the iCombi Pro and the iVario Pro.

The goal: Become even more productive, even more flexible. Without sacrificing quality.

Planning concept.

Your wish is our command.

Cookie-cutter concepts rarely work. Which is why we emphasize individual consultation. Tailored to the questions that matter to you. Focused on your needs. Whether you’re managing a yacht, a fleet, or an offshore rig. Whether you want help in one area or several. Because day-to-day drudgery isn’t what determines your success - it's determined by your guests’ satisfaction. Achieved by setting high standards of quality. And consistently maintaining them.

Advantages you’ll enjoy: Experienced partners, individual consultation, solid implementation.

The new gold standard.

Less space. More performance.

That’s a lot to promise. And it sounds paradoxical at first, but it makes sense when you’re using two intelligent cooking systems. Two cooking systems capable of covering more than 90% of all conventional cooking applications. Systems that are intelligent. That are easy to use. That were designed with large quantities in mind. That are ready for the high seas - because the cooking cabinet door can be latched, the hinging rack is secured, the stainless steel feet are attached to the floor, and the tabletop unit has extra impact protection.

How you benefit: More productivity, more flexibility, more security.

The iCombi Pro.

So your galley will be equipped for anything.

When it comes down to it, the iCombi Pro only has one job: reliably delivering the same great results every single time. That’s why it’s equipped with so much intelligence - and why it offers such impressive productivity, quality, and simplicity. It detects whether you’re making 20 or 200 burger patties, and adjusts its own parameters automatically. It helps you optimize your production schedule for speed or energy consumption - to keep your buffet filled perfectly, for example.

The goal: Doing everything possible to help you save time, energy, and raw product.

The iVario Pro.

It’s about performance. In every respect.

Intelligent technology boils, pan-fries, and deep-fries in a single unit. Quick, yet precise. Each dish is individual, yet economical. High quality with low staffing requirements. Because in commercial galleys, working cost-effectively means reconciling opposites. Like the new iVario Pro, which brings precision, productivity, speed, flexibility to the table - all at once.

For your galley. To help you create “wow” moments quickly and precisely.

Variety is hard work.

Share the load.

Morning, noon, evening. Buffets, bar food, midnight snacks, staff meals. Maybe some refreshments in between? Cake? Pizza? Galley work never stops, and nothing less than perfection will suffice. Which is what makes organized, effective mise en place so important. With cooking systems that take routine jobs off your hands, producing the same quality results over and over again, working intelligently thanks to iCookingSuite. Like the iVario Pro - for pasta, stews, and puddings, just to name a few. With extraordinary precision: no burning, no boiling over. Or the iCombi Pro for casseroles, roasts, and vegetables.

The result: Great productivity, great results. No matter who’s cooking.

A good start to the day.

For your guests and your staff.

Hot? Cold? Hearty? Diet-friendly? Whatever your guests’ preference, a great breakfast makes a big impression. Now all you have to do is stock the buffet with exactly the right amount of fresh, crisp food that’s the perfect consistency, ideally for several hours. Sound complicated? It’s never been easier. You can do pancakes, French toast, and bacon at the same time in the iCombi Pro. Or hash browns and grilled tomatoes. Or an assortment of baked goods. iProductionManager will tell you which foods can be cooked together, manage your production processes, and only alert you when something needs to be loaded or unloaded.

With one goal in mind: A wide variety of delicious results, with minimal effort. In other words: maximum productivity.

Diverse. Delicious. Perfect.

So you can grant any wish in À-la-carte service.

À-la-carte operations face a long list of challenges: food has to be good, it has to be varied, it has to be ready right on schedule. Which means your processes have to be well-organized, and you need to be flexible. By separating production and service completely, for example. While still guaranteeing great-quality results. Using the iVario Pro’s sous-vide function. Or Finishing in the iCombi Pro: plate food cold, store it chilled, and then bring it up to temperature when an order comes in. While at the same time using the iVario Pro to cook steaks to order.

How you benefit: High standard of quality, enormous flexibility, no overproduction. So things run right.

Demonstrate your banquet expertise.

Plate after plate.

Four hundred guests, three different multi-course meals, all served at the same time. Thanks to Finishing. Prepare your food in advance and with less stress using the cook-and-chill process, and be ready in time for any event. Plate the food cold and store it chilled. And then go about your regular working day. Shortly before the food needs to be served, use Finishing in the iCombi Pro to bring each plate up to the perfect temperature. What if you’re serving a thousand meals, or five thousand? Doesn't matter - you’ll always get the same great quality results, exactly to the standards you’ve defined. Because the iCombi Pro automatically regulates everything, only notifying you when it’s time to load or unload your food.

Photo: Hilton, Birmingham

Guaranteed banquet success. No stress. No extra staff. Unmatched results.


Good for the environment, better for your bottom line.

Let us help you get an idea of the savings you could enjoy by installing one or more iCombi Pro and iVario Pro units. For one, you’ll save a whole lot of space thanks to all that equipment you won’t need anymore - you’ll accomplish more in a galley that could be 60% smaller. For another, you’ll save on investment costs: the two cooking systems can cover up to 90% of all commonly used cooking applications, which makes some equipment unnecessary. And then there’s the environmental savings. The cooking systems use less energy, which means more sustainable production. And you’ll also reduce your overproduction, use less fat and oil, cut your working time, and save space. Which adds up to major pluses for the environment as well as your bottom line.

The bottom line. It significantly reduces costs. And conserves energy and water, too.

Space savings

The iCombi Pro and the iVario Pro replace countless conventional galley appliances, such as tilting skillets, kettles, and deep-fryers, so you can plan around a smaller galley and create more room for guests.

Time savings

Quick preheating on the iVario Pro, no need for monitoring on the iCombi Pro – together, they save an enormous amount of time when preparing 80 meals.


Keep an eye on everything.

Networking is on the rise - everything’s digital, everything’s coordinated. Just like ConnectedCooking by RATIONAL. Recipe transmission, unit inspections, hygiene data, software updates, service remote access - our secure networking solution lets you do everything from your desk. On all of your networked units. You can also access and save HACCP data from all units. Or send new recipes remotely with just a click of your mouse. All you need is a PC, a smartphone, or a tablet. Networking has never been easier.

High-performance networking by RATIONAL. You'll always have everything under control.

Tested marine quality.

They can handle a lot. For years to come.

Life in the galley isn’t easy. Which is why RATIONAL cooking systems are durable and well-prepared for the challenges of the high seas. The stainless steel feet on the iCombi Pro and the iVario Pro can be secured to prevent them from tipping or slipping - or even welded to the galley floor. A door latch, door impact protection grid, and modified hinging racks provide additional safety on the iCombi Pro. And each individual cooking system is manufactured with the utmost care, Which is why our marine models are DNV GL-approved and meet USPHS guidelines.


Because even on rough seas, safety in the galley and uninterrupted production are your top priorities.

Training with RATIONAL.

To help your new galley succeed.

The controls on the iCombi Pro and the iVario Pro are self-explanatory, so new personnel can master them in no time. RATIONAL chefs will train you and your employees based on your own food concept or one created for you by RATIONAL, so that you’ll get perfect results effortlessly from the very beginning.

For your success.
Individual training, train-the-trainer, motivated employees, satisfied customers.

RATIONAL marine service.

Your partner on the high seas.

Individual marine service makes your RATIONAL cooking system and your galley an unbeatable team: comprehensive service especially for maritime customers, automatic identification systems (AIS) providing real-time information for prompt on-board service, training to show your on-board technicians to identify, repair, and diagnose problems at sea, maintenance programs to ensure smooth operation, and the special RATIONAL marine service app with user’s manuals, wiring diagrams, and key information for quick troubleshooting.

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