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Efficiency re-imagined: Forget space-hogging appliances. Let the iCombi Pro handle everything Within less than 11 square feet of space. Meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, baked goods. À la carte, catering, delivery service, casual dining. Together, the intelligent assistants can really get a lot done. iDensityControl’s high-performance air circulation and dehumidification offers around 50% greater productivity and reduces cooking times by about 10%.* And delivers uniform results from one end of the tray to the other.


The iCombi Pro’s iDensityControl system is all about climate management: the ways the sensors inside the cooking cabinet interact, the active dehumidification features, the air flow-optimizing cooking cabinet geometry. In short, everything that creates the perfect climate to give you exceptional productivity and exceptional results.

Cooking cabinet thermocouples.

The thermocouples detect current cooking cabinet conditions once every second, making sure that the necessary quantities of energy (the right combination of heat and moisture) are delivered optimally to the food. This creates a cooking cabinet climate tailor-made to your products, ensuring uniform quality and great taste - not to mention shorter cooking times.

Dehumidification power.

We’ve increased the diameter of our dehumidification ducts by up to 130% (depending on the model), making dehumidification even more efficient. Powerful vacuum technology draws moisture out of the cooking cabinet faster and more effectively, giving you crisp crusts, crunchy breading, and perfect grill marks - with absolute precision to keep the food from drying out.

Cooking cabinet geometry.

The new cooking cabinet geometry optimizes air flow so that energy is distributed uniformly from corner to corner, directing more energy into the food. The result? Greater uniformity, faster cooking times, perfect browning. In other words: good results. Over and over again. From the first rack to the last. On up to 45 breaded cutlets at once in an iCombi Pro 6 Half Size, in fact.

Fresh steam.

100% hygienic fresh steam, precise steam temperatures and maximum steam saturation for the best possible food quality - from 86° to 266°F, on full loads or small quantities, in any size appliance, whether it’s salmon, dim sum, or flan. Even delicate dishes won’t dry out. Even more practical: the steam generator is automatically descaled during the cleaning process,


The cooking system adjusts fan speeds and direction of rotation intelligently to fit product types, conditions, and quantities. It yields an individual pattern of motion that intelligently modulates air, transporting energy wherever it’s needed. The fans can even rotate in opposing directions if needed - at speeds of up to 75 mph. The iCombi Pro now has additional fans, providing optimum heat distribution and uniform results, guaranteeing exceptional quality from corner to corner.

Power reserves.

Now that’s power: hot air at temperatures of up to 575°F makes pizza crusts crisp and gives steaks mouthwatering grill marks. Even frozen convenience products like chicken nuggets and French fries turn out uniformly browned and tender-crisp - because even when you load large quantities of frozen food into the cooking cabinet, the iCombi Pro has enough reserve power to bring the cooking cabinet up to temperature in no time. Of course, the iCombi Pro is constructed of materials with plenty of “reserve power” as well: nothing wears out or warps, even with heavy use.

*Compared to older combi-steamers.

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