Any way you slice it,

this investment pays off.


Productivity is the key to a successful kitchen. The iVario Pro’s countless high-performance features add up to an investment that pays for itself in no time. It’s an all-in-one solution combining the functions of multiple appliances. It saves space, time, raw ingredients, electricity, and water. And, of course, money.

Your profit Meat
Use up to 10% less raw ingredients in everyday dishes
(casseroles, stews) thanks to iVarioBoost’s cooking
power. Reduce raw ingredients use by up to 10% on
braised dishes through overnight cooking (by weight
due to moisture loss).
Amount budgeted per year Ingredients used with conventional ovens, tilting skillets and kettles
$ 168,300

Ingredients used with iVario Pro
$ 151,470
Your extra earnings per year = $ 16,830
Your profit Power
Average savings of 68 kWh per day thanks to ultraefficient iVarioBoost heating system.*
Amount budgeted per year 68 kWh × $ 0.17 per kWh
Your extra earnings per year = $ 5,780
Your profit Working time
Save an average of 120 minutes of working time per
day per unit thanks to the fast iVarioBoost heating
system, automatic cooking with iCookingSuite, and
overnight cooking.
Amount budgeted per year 1,000 hours × $ 18
(hourly rate averaged between
cooks/cleaning crew)
Your extra earnings per year = $ 18,000
Your profit Cleaning
Average annual savings of water and dishwashing
liquid.* Fewer pots and pans need to be cleaned.
Amount budgeted per year 159 gallons (600 liters) of water
per shift × $ 1.41/1,000 gallons
and 13.2 gallons (50 liters) of
dishwashing liquid
Your extra earnings per year = $ 660
Your profit Your extra earnings per year
Amount budgeted per year  
Your extra earnings per year = $ 41,270

Average food service operation serving 600 meals per day (2 shifts) with an iVario Pro L and XL - additional earnings vs. the same food service using conventional oven, tilt skillet, kettle, and deep-fryer.

*compared to conventional tilt skillet, kettles, and deep-fryers

Worth it.

It all adds up to an appliance that pays for itself in no time, while making work fun.