You have a goal.

The iCombi Pro knows how to get there.

You have a goal. Pursue it relentlessly with the iCombi Pro’s cooking intelligence. Example: Sometimes you need five steaks ready at once; other times, it’s a hundred. And always reliably great quality. The iCombi Pro does it by continuously comparing the status of the products with the intended targets, calculating cooking progress and intelligently adjusting the cooking climate. Maybe your dinner guests have arrived early, and your grilled vegetables aren’t done yet? Just switch from single loads to mixed loads. The iCombi Pro will regulate its cooking parameters so that you can cook both at the same time. What if you change your mind about the results you’re looking for? No problem. Open up the cooking process and change the goal. The iCombi Pro will optimize temperatures and times accordingly. The results will speak for themselves. And you can repeat them perfectly every time, no matter who’s operating the cooking system.


The iCookingSuite is the iCombi Pro’s cooking intelligence. At the beginning of the cooking process, you indicate the results you want, such as browning or degree of doneness. Intelligent sensors detect the size of the food, the amount of food, and what condition it’s in. While the cooking path is in progress, the system regularly adjusts key parameters like cooking cabinet temperature, climate, air speed and cooking time, to make sure you get the results you’re looking for. If you need, you can intervene mid-process and change your target results. The controls are a breeze to operate, and you don't have to supervise the process. You’ll save time, energy, and raw materials while producing delicious food over and over again.

Operating modes and preparation methods.

Thanks to iCookingSuite, food production has never been easier: you’ll get the cooking results you want while working more productively than ever, because food is prepared as gently as possible. Just choose a food on the display, adjust parameters like browning (light to dark) and doneness (rare to well-done), and the iCombi Pro will get to work immediately. Meat, fish, poultry, baked goods, or sides. American, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Brazilian, Mexican, Italian, or Greek. The iCombi Pro can do an unbelievable variety of dishes from around the world, at the touch of a button. And if you want to get your results even more quickly and easily, look no further than the iCookingSuite Navigator: You specify what you want to cook (hamburgers? roast chicken? oatmeal cookies?) and the correct cooking pathway starts right up. All you have to do is load the iCombi Pro. It’s that easy!

If your goal is to use your iCombi Pro like a grill, a skillet, or a pizza oven, you can also select specific preparation methods. Want to grill steak? Choose “Grilling” as a preparation method and you’re ready to go. It’s super-easy, and you’ll get identical results every time, no matter who’s at the controls.

Intelligence that gets results.

So many different dishes! How does the iCombi Pro do it? iCookingSuite plays a central role in this process as well: intelligent sensors within the cooking cabinet help the system detect the size and condition of the products, as well as the size of the load. The system’s cooking intelligence uses that data to determine the best route to the results you want; as cooking progresses, it automatically adjusts key parameters like temperature, cooking cabinet climate, fan speed, and cooking time. Second by second. And the Messenger notifies you of every adjustment, so you’ll always know what’s going on.

Another key milestone in cooking intelligence is detecting browning. Browning is based on the Maillard reaction, which is the name for the chemical reaction that causes browning and gives food its distinct taste, texture and color. The Maillard reaction typically occurs in roasting, baking, or grilling. In order to understand how browning develops, we had to analyze the Maillard reaction. RATIONAL spent years researching and decoding the formula for that reaction, and then translating it into an intelligent algorithm for the iCombi Pro. We call it the “cooking world formula.” That formula is how iCookingSuite intelligently keeps everything under control, making sure that you always get the results you want. Without wasting time or energy.

The new flexibility.

Thanks to its intelligence, the iCombi Pro is extraordinarily reliable and powerful -- and it’s also incredibly flexible. Need to change your target results? Add your own personal touch? Shorten your cooking time? Slide in some potatoes au gratin alongside your roast beef? You can do all of that and more now. Simply change your target browning level, or make your own adjustments to parameters like cooking cabinet temperature or humidity levels. Based on the cooking world formula parameters, the iCombi Pro will immediately make the necessary adjustments. So go ahead and brown your roast a little darker - the iCombi Pro will make sure it still has the right consistency.


With MyDisplay, the control panel only shows information that’s immediately relevant to the user. For example, if the restaurant produces chicken wings, breaded cutlets, and baked potatoes every day, you can have pictures of those three foods shown right on the control panel. Just tap the picture to start the iCombi Pro, and the system will notify you when you need to take action. You can also set MyDisplay up through ConnectedCooking, and then transmit your settings to all networked cooking systems - a particularly practical solution for customers with multiple locations.

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