Get ready to see the difference.

The WOW Effect: Excellent food quality from the iCombi Pro.

That's what matters to every professional kitchen: people keep coming back—frequently—because they like the food. Pure and simple. The iCombi Pro has so much cooking expertise that it delivers great results every single time. No matter if it's braising, steaming, grilling, or baking. No matter who's using it.

What defines great results?

  • Appetizing natural color
  • Consistent quality
  • Proper food texture
  • Uniformity from the first rack to the last
  • Well-preserved vitamins and minerals

These are the things loyal customers value. Because they make for good dining experiences—customers get the same great food every time. And that's how restaurant guests become regulars. Or why they return to the same supermarket every time for their midday snack. Or why they and their colleagues keep coming back to the company lunchroom.


So many different dishes, all perfectly cooked. How does it do that?

With the iCookingSuite, which provides monitoring and support. The iCombi Pro uses intelligent sensors inside the cooking cabinet to detect load quantities as well as product size and condition. The cooking intelligence uses that data to calculate the perfect path to the specified results; throughout the cooking process, it adjusts key parameters like temperature, cooking cabinet climate, fan speed, and cooking time automatically. Second by second. And the iCombi Pro notifies you every time it makes an adjustment, so you'll always know what's going on.