Food to go.

Refuel deliciously.

Loyal customers.

Get them and keep them.

More single-person households, more people employed, more flexible working hours. Our eating habits are changing, too: mealtimes are shifting, becoming more individual. And people have less time to cook. The solution? Fresh, ready to eat food. But not just any food. It needs to be healthy, creative, different, fresh, hot, cold. And it needs to be ready fast. With consistently good quality. Sandwiches, wraps, sushi, bowls, baked goods. Ordered now, ready now. How, you ask? With technology that knows the rules. Because it’s intelligent. Because it adapts to your concepts. While offering new ideas. Around the clock. Technology like the iCombi Pro.

Create customer experiences: With exceptional concepts, with exceptional variety.

Consultation and concept design.

From tough competition to great sales.

Cookie-cutter concepts rarely work. Which is why we emphasize individual consultation. Tailored to the questions that matter to you. Focused on your needs. Whether it’s for one location or many. Whether you want help in one area or several. Because your success doesn’t hinge on pizza and sandwiches - it hinges on having comprehensive concepts and high standards of quality. And consistently maintaining them.

Advantages you’ll enjoy: Experienced partners, individual consultation, reliable implementation.

The iCombi Pro.

Expect the unexpected.

Efficiency re-imagined: Roasting, grilling, baking, steaming - all regulated intelligently. Within 11 ft.2. Humidity, air speed, temperature – coordinated precisely to one another. Within a single unit that anticipates, learns, remembers, monitors, and adapts. One with intelligent assistant functions that react dynamically to your changing needs. Danishes still frozen? Left the cooking cabinet door open too long? Need food warmed up fast? Cooking at high temperatures? No matter what happens, the iCombi Pro adjusts its settings to give you the results you want.

When it comes down to it, the iCombi Pro only has one job: reliably delivering the same great results every single time. That’s why it’s equipped with so much intelligence - and why it offers such impressive productivity, quality, and simplicity. It detects whether you’re making one burger patty or 20, and adjusts its own parameters automatically. It helps you optimize your production schedule for speed or energy consumption - to keep your grab-and-go station perfectly stocked, for example.

All with one goal in mind: Helping you wow your customers over and over again with a variety of great food.

Intelligent cooking.

Because there’s never too much of a good thing.

Snacks, bowls and wraps are becoming a way of life. How about something with chicken breast? Crispy outside, juicy inside. Come up with your own creations and generate additional income in no time. Every serving perfect, from one corner of the tray to the other. With the iCookingSuite. Which has intelligent cooking paths to produce your desired results easily and reliably. With no waste, no overproduction. Even on bread, rolls, or buns. Even on frozen foods.

Standout from the pack: Create preference with signature items that are available round the clock.

Set a new standard for snacks.

Quick, varied, delicious.

Small plates are all the rage, and they have immense earnings-boosting potential. If they’re healthy and tasty, that is. Hip, fancy, quick, different - those are the criteria customers use when picking out bowls, tapas, and wraps. Cater to those desires without working harder, and rest easy knowing that the results will be great no matter who’s operating the cooking system. With iProductionManager. It lets you know which foods you can prepare together, and proposes production plans optimized for time or energy consumption. Frozen foods, fresh products, baked goods, side dishes, one tray, several trays... No problem. Set the results you want, start the cooking process. That’s all there is to it. For quick rolling-batch production, for great results on mixed loads. Even in an open kitchen environment. Because the iCombi Pro has its own recirculating hood that makes ventilation systems unnecessary.

It doesn't get any easier: Create demand and spoil your customers with extra equipment.

Transcend your own limits.

While barely lifting a finger.

Options no one expected: Thai curry, dim sum, wings, falafel. Or maybe just French fries? But using hardly any oil! Conjuring up a wide variety of delicious options at any time of day has never been quicker or easier. Produce large quantities in advance and then prepare food for serving as needed. With Finishing, you can completely separate production and service. At the push of a button. It also works with frozen convenience foods - you can produce them centrally and sell them in various locations.

Great quality sells itself: Starting now, you’ll always have the right quantities of fresh, hot, hygienic, delicious food ready to serve.


Good for the environment, better for your bottom line.

Sustainability conserves resources and saves money. Here at RATIONAL, energy-efficient production and logistics, recycling of old appliances, and raising the bar for energy conservation are all par for the course. And with the iCombi Pro, sustainability will become just as self-evident in your kitchen. Compared to conventional kitchen equipment, you’ll save energy, reduce your raw materials usage, and decrease your overproduction, all while preparing healthier food.

For a healthier planet: Cook more nutritious meals while reducing your environmental impact.


Any way you slice it, this investment pays off.

The iCombi Pro isn’t just intelligent when it comes to cooking. It’s also a smart saver as well. It saves on labour, energy consumption, space, raw materials, and fat, just to name a few things. In short: the difference is obvious.

Energy expenses reduced up to 70%*

Short preheating times eliminate the need for stand-by mode. Rolling batches with the iCombi Pro’s iProductionManager save energy as well.

Reduced working time

Say goodbye to routine activities like turning, checking, and re-adjusting oven temperatures. The iCombi Pro’s ultra-fast cleaning saves even more time. Which leaves you 1-2 more hours* every day for other things.

30%* lower space requirements

The iCombi Pro replaces around 90% of conventional kitchen equipment. Goodbye pots, pans, and deep fryers – hello freedom of movement. Or additional retail space.

Reduce raw product use by up to 25%*

The iCombi Pro adjusts its own cooking processes precisely, which reduces cooking and trimming losses. And its results are always equally good, from the first tray to the last – which cuts food waste significantly. That adds up to savings on raw product.

*compared to conventional cooking technology

Worth it: It all adds up to an appliance that pays for itself in no time, while making work fun.

Inspiration. Skill. Achievement.

Let’s create the future together.

Loyal customers, new customers, chance customers - they all want to be pleasantly surprised. Again and again. Which makes it that much more important to regularly evaluate your concepts, gather input, and implement new ideas. That includes everything from business hours to store layout to menus. And RATIONAL can help with all of the above. We offer expertise. We offer experience. We offer flexible technology. We offer new ideas. Because people may come for the food, but they come away with a lot more than that.

What does the future hold? Plenty of new ideas and concepts, so that you’ll keep creating experiences for years to come.


Keep an eye on everything.

Networking is everywhere: cash register systems, merchandise management, staff planning, ordering apps – everything’s digital, everything’s coordinated. Just like ConnectedCooking by RATIONAL. Recipe transfers, unit monitoring, hygiene data, software updates, service remote access – our secure networking solution lets you do everything from your desk. On all of your networked units. At all of your locations. You can access and save HACCP data from all units as well. Developed a new dish? Send the recipe to the entire fleet with one click. All you need is a PC, tablet or smartphone. Standardization has never been easier.

High-performance networking by RATIONAL. You'll always have everything under control.

Always ready for its closeup.

Top marks in hygiene.

Hygienic interim cleaning in approximately 12 minutes, or sparkling deep cleaning – which can even be performed overnight – with the iCareSystem. Simple and safe thanks to phosphatefree cleaner tabs. With a cleaning system that remembers your preferences and starts your favorite program automatically the next time around. The fresh steam generator is automatically descaled during cleaning.

Play it safe
Quick and easy to keep clean. So you’ll feel good about your kitchen. So you’ll have more time for your customers.

Training with RATIONAL.

Making your concept a success.

The controls on the iCombi Pro are self-explanatory, so new staff can master them in no time. RATIONAL chefs will train you and your employees based on your own food concept or one created for you by RATIONAL, so that you’ll get perfect results effortlessly from the very beginning.

Training with RATIONAL

  • Worldwide roll-outs
  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Chef Assist training at your locations
  • Regular reviews and updates of your concepts


We’ve thought of everything.

Service and customer support are important at RATIONAL. From initial consultations and trial cooking to test units, installation, and worldwide training – not to mention automatic software updates and the ChefLine hotline for individual questions – we cover all the bases. You can also turn to Academy RATIONAL for additional training on specific topics, such as Finishing. And if an emergency ever arises, RATIONAL’s worldwide service network will be there in no time.

Designed to help you make the most of your cooking systems
and gain enjoyment for years to come... and ensure that you’re never short of ideas.