Even after a hard day’s work.

Grilling a lot of food leaves a lot of stubborn crud, which keeps you from using the iCombi Pro to prepare other dishes. Or it would, if not for iCareSystem. The ultra-fast interim cleaning feature gets everything ship shape in 12 minutes or less, so you can pick right up where you left off, except with a sparkling-clean cooking cabinet and no lingering odors. And at the end of the day, when you’re ready to do a full clean, the iCombi Pro will tell you whether it's slightly, moderately, or significantly dirty. You decide whether to clean in standard or eco mode. And it descales, of course. Overnight, if you prefer, of course. And always super-clean, of course. With phosphate-free tabs containing 50% less chemicals. The iCombi Pro can remember your preferences and start your saved cleaning program whenever you like.

Ultra-fast interim cleaning.

Sometimes the iCombi Pro needs a little freshening up between cooking processes, and now you can do it in no time. Insert the tab into the iCombi Pro and your system will be clean and ready to use in 12 minutes or less - just enough time to prepare your next load of food. Ideal for kitchens using the cooking system all day long. The ultra-fast interim cleaning program reduces unproductive time and brings even more efficiency to everyday kitchen life.

Efficient cleaning and descaling.

iCareSystem is so intelligent that it detects and displays how much cleaning the iCombi Pro currently needs, and then recommends a cleaning program on that basis. It even tells you how much cleaner and descaler you’ll want to use for optimum results, which saves you effort and minimizes your operating costs. You’ll also use up to 50% less cleaner and up to 30% less water, and you’ll eliminate water softener and manual descaling expenses entirely - the iCombi Pro automatically descales itself as needed.

If you like, you can use drag-and-drop to create and save an individual cleaning schedule that fits your business hours and hygiene needs. The iCombi Pro will automatically message you at the times you set, so your system will always remain hygienically clean and well-maintained.

Cleaning programs.

You have a total of nine cleaning programs at your disposal: light, medium, or heavy cleaning, each in normal or eco mode (which takes longer but uses less cleaner and water), plus options for ultra-fast interim cleaning, rinsing, and rinsing without tabs. And the iCombi Pro is so intelligent, it suggests programs depending on how much cleaning it needs.

Phosphate-free cleaner tabs.

Our cleaning tabs are small and easy to use - just place them into the drain basket. They’re also environmentally friendly, because they’re phosphate-free.

Status monitoring.

If you operate your units via ConnectedCooking, you can use the networking solution to check on cleaning of your iCombi Pro. You can see the care and maintenance status of each networked system, and view how much longer cleaning on a certain unit will take.

iCareSystem AutoDose

iCareSystem AutoDose is the integrated storage system for cleaning and care cartridges on selected iCombi Pro cooking systems. Cartridges are stored securely, so there's no need to touch chemicals or add them by hand; extra detergent doesn't take up kitchen space, and improper measurements are impossible. Cleaning-preparation tasks like retrieving cleaner tabs, donning personal protective equipment, and starting cleaning manually become a thing of the past. The result? Radiant cleanliness, impeccable hygiene, and improved work safety, all while lowering expenses.

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