Important safety information.


Serial no. 8007287 (E11VH10098007287) - 8047539 (E13VJ20068047539).

Our highest priorities are ensuring your safety and maintaining the reliability and durability of our units. In context of continuous product monitoring, we have determined that cooking systems in the VarioCookingCenter® product series may experience independent pan movement in rare cases. This could potentially lead to uncontrolled pouring of hot food, which could cause injury to persons nearby.

Please note the following safety instructions:

In order to eliminate any possibility of this unlikely hazard occurring, software version VCC-01-02-04.7 will be installed on your system at your next upcoming service call or service partner visit.

This software will update the system such that, in order to move the pan, the central dial will have to be pressed simultaneously. The iVario product currently in series production has this functionality as well.

The latest software version is available here.
Information on updating cooking systems is available here as well.

In the future, in order to ensure that you always have the most recent software version installed, we recommend free, automatic software updates via ConnectedCooking.