Here will find the answers to frequently asked questions on:
SelfCookingCenter®, accessories and technical service.

Error messages & prompts.

  • 1st option: External mains switch is switched off.
    Solution: Switch on at the mains.

  • 2nd option: Fuse has been triggered in the mains distributor.
    Solution: Check the fuses in the mains distributor.
  • 3rd option: Ambient temperature has been below 41 °F (5 °C) for a long time after the appliance was switched off.
    Solution: Heat up cooking cabinet to above 68 °F (20 °C). The appliance may only be used in frost-proof rooms (see installation instructions).

The air filter is soiled. Please replace the air filter. See the "Domestic technology" chapter in the manual. Press the Back arrow button to confirm the message.

A detailed description of the service messages for your appliance can be found in the SelfCookingCenter® operating instructions (from page 59 onwards).

The cooking cabinet is too hot. Use the Cool Down function to cool down the cooking cabinet (see the "General usage information" chapter and "Cool Down" function in the manual).


It is possible that the voltage supply is not connected correctly.

If the gas appliance has been connected to a socket, pull out the plug and turn by 356°F (180°C). Have the appliance connected correctly by a Service Partner.

Possible reasons:

  • Gas supply to the appliance is interrupted.
    Solution: Open the gas tap, switch on the ventilation ceiling.
  • Gas pressure too low.
    Solution: Have the gas supply to the appliance checked.


Possible reasons:

  • Door is not closed correctly. When the door is closed correctly, the door handle must be pointing downwards on free-standing appliances.
  • Door gasket is worn or damaged.
    Solution: Replace the door gasket (see the "Domestic Technology" chapter in the manual).
  • Care instructions, for maximum service life:
    • Use a damp cloth to thoroughly clean the door gasket after the end of production.
    • With the frequent grilling of food (strong fat deposits), the door gasket must be cleaned between cycles using a damp cloth.
    • If the appliance is operated without products for a longer period, it is recommended not to set the cooking cabinet temperature above 356°F (180 °C).
  • Water tap closed.
    • Water tap open.
  • Water inlet filter on appliance soiled.
    • Check and clean the filter as follows: Close the water tap, unscrew the water inlet on the appliance, remove the filter on the water inlet and clean. Insert the filter, connect the water inlet and check it is not leaking."

Technical data.

SelfCookingCenter® and CombiMaster Plus appliances have a noise emission value of < 70 dBA.

All SelfCookingCenter® 5 and CombiMaster Plus appliances have the IPX5 water jet protection standard.

Cooking cabinet.

Maybe the air baffle plate or hinging rack is not attached correctly.

Please correctly attach the air baffle plate and hinging rack in the cooking cabinet.

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