CombiMaster Plus XS.
Multi-talented and compact.

Cooking requires precision. From both the chefs and the tools. Like the CombiMaster Plus XS. Because it’s precise in every respect: it provides sophisticated technology to support each chef’s individual craftsmanship. It’s also robust, easy to use, and delivers great results: crisp crusts, juicy roasts, intense flavor, vibrant color. Vitamins and minerals are preserved. It improves staff efficiency, energy efficiency and reduces the use of raw materials. Because its measurement and control center precisely maintains a uniform cooking cabinet climate that’s tailored to each recipe.

The CombiMaster Plus XS: a perfect solution for anyone who wants to operate their classic combi-steamer manually.

Steam Mode.

From 30°C to 130°C.

The regulated steam generator produces fresh, hygienic steam. Precise steam regulation, ideal steam saturation, and constant cooking cabinet temperatures are a winning combination for uniform cooking results.

For mouthwatering color and texture while preserving valuable nutrients.

Hot Air Mode.

From 85°F to 575°F.

Hot air, circulating at precisely adjusted rates, flows around the food on all sides. The unit has enough reserve power to bake or pan-fry a full load of frozen food, such as calamari, croquettes, or pastries.

Top performance for top-quality results.

Combi Steam Mode.

The advantages of hot steam combined with the advantages of hot air: short cooking times and reduced cooking losses, plus intense flavor and beautiful color. For exceptional results.

No cooking losses, no drying out, just pure quality.


Separate production and output completely.

Whether you’re using it on one side dish or an entire multi-course menu, Finishing allows you to prepare food in advance and then quickly bring it up to serving temperature. Whether you're serving plates, banquet platters, or containers. It eliminates long holding times, which can affect quality.

You enjoy better flexibility, your customers enjoy better flavor.

Automatic cleaning.

Simply sparkling.

It doesn't get any easier: the CombiMaster Plus XS cleans itself almost entirely automatically and gets itself ready to use again - even overnight, if you prefer. Just select your desired level of cleaning and insert the displayed tabs, and you’re all set. Now your unit will always be hygienically clean and well cared-for.

Five convection velocities.

Always the right tempo.

Whether your food is delicate or robust, the CombiMaster Plus XS has just the right air speed. Soufflées, eclairs, and sponge cake all hold their shape.