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Fast and precise.

iVarioBoost is our patented heating technology using ceramic elements that are attached to the heat-conductive, no-scratch pan base. They heat the entire base evenly to 400°F in less than 2 1/2 minutes, and can lower pan temperature extremely quickly when needed. The iVario Pro also has plenty of reserve power, so it can rapidly compensate for sudden temperature changes when large amounts of food or liquid are added at once. What does that mean for you? Exceptional performance, and no risk of food burning or boiling over. The iVario Pro delivers great results and boosts productivity while reducing cooking losses and energy consumption.

Pan design.

The heat-conductive, scratch-resistant pan base is durable enough to withstand extreme temperature swings and heavy everyday use, so you never have to worry about warping or uneven heat distribution. The walls of the pan are not heated, which conserves energy and protects users against burns.


Numerous high-precision sensors measure the pan base temperature once per second and adjust it accordingly, so you can regulate heat down to the exact degree. Temperatures remain constant on the pan base as well as in the cooking liquid or oil, so you’ll enjoy consistently great results with no need to monitor the process.

Heating elements.

The iVarioBoost heating system is made up of several intelligently regulated full-surface ceramic heating elements that distribute heat evenly around the pan, directing it exactly where and when it’s needed. Whether you’re preparing small quantities or a full load, the iVario Pro always has plenty of power to spare, so your food will come out evenly cooked, without burning or boiling over.

Energy management.

The new, intelligent energy management system evaluates the unit’s energy needs and delivers additional power with pinpoint accuracy. The state-of-the-art system means lower connected loads, lower installation costs, and lower energy consumption. And thanks to its power reserves, it can do everything without compromising food quality.

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