Application training for your team.

Professional, practice-based and in small groups - this is learning with RATIONAL. Learn how to get the most out of your RATIONAL cooking system. How to find new ideas. How you can motivate your employees. How you can improve work processes. Best of all, the basic demonstrations for iCombi and iVario are free.

You can also attend special paid demonstrations including on banqueting, industry catering and nutritious cuisine.

With the goal in mind. Amaze your guests.

We’re the only manufacturer who offers free additional training.

Discover our new courses and find the right seminar to help you achieve your goals.

We also offer advanced training for you and your team members if you are looking to get more out of your RATIONAL equipment. At Academy RATIONAL one-day advanced training seminars, you and your team can learn how to get the best use out of your RATIONAL unit under the instruction of professional RATIONAL chefs.

For anyone wanting to make optimum use of their RATIONAL equipment.
  • Get additional training for yourself and your kitchen team.
  • Motivate your employees; impress your customers.
  • Discover creative new ideas for your menu.
  • Let us introduce you to new trends and techniques.

On-Demand Recordings.

Academy RATIONAL –
À-la-Carte and Mise en Place.

Join Chef Kevin for our Academy RATIONAL on the topic of à-la-carte and mise en place, where he demonstrates how you can leverage iProduction Manager on the iCombi Pro. Witness how this powerful feature can simplify complex production processes, allowing chefs to prepare diverse dishes simultaneously with precision and efficiency. Explore the art of relaxed à-la-carte dining and experience firsthand how the iProduction Manager optimizes production planning, ensuring every dish is cooked to perfection.

Academy RATIONAL –
Holiday Edition.

a. On this special Holiday Edition of our RATIONAL Academy Live Online event, we left manual mode behind. Chef Kevin whipped up a quick Holiday feast using only the built-in functions of the iCombi Pro. This event’s menu features crispy turkey, savoury stuffing, tangy cranberry sauce, caramelized toffee pudding tarts and more—all cooked up in under an hour. Learn to use your iCombi Pro’s built-in cooking programs and find out how to customize and save any cooking process.

Academy RATIONAL –
Canadian Cuisine.

The first RATIONAL Canada Academy Online event in our new test kitchens. Embark on a flavor-packed journey with Chef Kevin as he cooks up a number of Canadian inspired menu items with the iCombi Pro. Watch as Chef Kevin demonstrates how you can use the iCombi’s iProductionManager to steam up several seafood dishes at once, make baking in house simple, and showcases how the iVario can quickly make a split pea soup from scratch. Chef Kevin also answers audience questions that you may have, too.

Academy RATIONAL – Breakfast and Mixed Load Cooking.

In this episode, come along as Chef Kevin shows you the range of items you can introduce to your Breakfast menu – as well as an insight into the world of Mixed Load Cooking. Learn about the programs you can introduce to your RATIONAL equipment, tips, and tricks from an industry veteran and much more!

Academy RATIONAL – Baking.

In this episode, join in as Chefs Kevin and Mario make over 20 Baking items in under an hour to showcase the diverse range of baked goods you can put together using your RATIONAL iCombi Pro, exemplifying that you need very little to do a lot. Simple. Efficient. Delicious.

WARNING – Mouth watering experience up ahead!

Academy RATIONAL –
Low Temperature Cooking.

Tune in and watch Chef Kevin as he shows you how the iCombi Pro has revolutionized the Low Temperature Cooking game forever.

Working precisely, reliably, around the clock. Without supervision, even overnight. Large roasts, braised dishes, boiled meat - RATIONAL low temperature cooking makes this possible. To perfection, very tender and succulent from the first to the very last tray. The gentle cooking process reduces shrinkage to a minimum. Thanks to the intelligence of the iCombi Pro, you can be sure to achieve the result you imagined. Time and time again.

Academy RATIONAL – Smash Burgers, Fries and Chicken.

Everybody loves them some Smash Burgers with Fries and Chicken. Tune in to see a special from Chef Kevin as he gives out his secret recipe to perfect this delicious combination in the iCombi Pro. Learn to ensure high quality Smash Burgers, Fries and Chicken in your RATIONAL equipment, so you get your desired cooked meat – every single time.