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Saving energy is beneficial for the environment. It saves money. So it’s a good thing. However, where do you start?

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Normality is expected to return in 2023.

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Kimbal Musk: Geek chef.

How microchips are revolutionizing American cuisine.

When most people hear the name “Musk”, they think of Elon, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX. Kimbal Musk is involved in his brother’s businesses, and has a similar penchant for all things digital, but he has a second passion: cooking. And he has a wonderful flair for blending the two.

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“We strive for precision in our cooking, in our kitchens and in our restaurants, and RATIONAL has become one of those fundamental pieces of equipment that we rely on.”

Thomas Keller, Chef/Proprietor, Thomas Keller Restaurants