iVario Pro.
The new performance class.

Looks like a tilting skillet, but does so much more. Boiling, pan frying, deep-frying, pressure-cooking*... The iVario Pro can replace practically all other conventional appliances. Because it has the power, thanks to one-of-a-kind heating technology blending performance with precision. Because it has intelligent cooking assistants that learn, support, and plan ahead. Because it’s up to four times faster than conventional appliances, while using up to 40% less energy and saving a great deal of space. In short: because it can. Exceptional food quality without time-consuming checking and monitoring.

* available 2021 in Canada

What do you get out of it? One of the most cutting-edge cooking systems in the world - which means unparalleled flexibility, productivity, and simplicity.

Your new key player.

Fast and precise.

There are thick pan bases, which take a long time to preheat and are sluggish to react. There are thin pan bases, which distribute heat unevenly and burn food more often. And then there’s iVarioBoost, a combination of ceramic heating elements and a fast-reacting, scratch-resistant base. It combines exceptional speed with uniform, efficient heat distribution.

The integrated iVarioBoost energy management system consumes far less electricity than ordinary cooking appliances, while still maintaining plenty of reserve energy so that you can sear food quickly - or add cold ingredients without significantly lowering the temperature, as you would with conventional technology.

Impressive performance 33 lbs (15 kg) pasta
iVario Pro XL 22 min.
Impressive performance 99 lbs (45 kg) beef stroganoff
iVario Pro XL 20 min.
Impressive performance 32 lbs (15 kg) of rice pudding
iVario Pro XL 70 min.
Impressive performance 165 lbs (75 kg) chickpeas, soaked (pressure-cooked*)
iVario Pro XL 42 min.
Impressive performance 264 lbs (120 kg) goulash with sauce (pressure-cooked*)
iVario Pro XL 88 min.

*available Canada 2021

What does that mean for you? No burning. No boiling over. Juicy meat. Mouthwatering seared flavour. Exceptional uniformity.

Reliable excellence.

No monitoring required.

Intelligent adjustments at the push of a button. With the iCookingSuite, the iVario Pro’s cooking intelligence. It adjusts the cooking path to fit your food, giving you perfect results every time. It learns from you, adapting to your habits, and only calls you when there’s something you need to do - turn the steak, for example. Nothing burns, nothing boils over. Low-temperature cooking? Delicate desserts? No problem - AutoLift can automatically take your pasta out of the water. And if you want to give a dish your own personal touch, you can adjust the cooking path at any time, even while it’s cooking.

Great food quality without time-consuming checking and monitoring. Requires practically no training to use. That’s the kind of support that saves time and helps avoid errors.

Ticks every box

for exceptional results.

Flexibility is a must in today’s world, and food service operations are no exception. Special dietary needs? Extra requests? Staff meals? Even large kitchens need to be able to prepare small portions quickly and efficiently. That’s where iZoneControl comes in. You can divide the iVario into four zones of the size, shape, and position of your choice. Use one pan to cook different dishes at once, using a different temperature for each. Or prepare multiple batches of the same dish, so they’ll be ready at different times. Either way, you only have to heat the surface area you really need, Which saves power - not to mention a lot of additional kitchen equipment.

Only heat up the parts of the pan base you actually need. More efficiency, more flexibility, even with small portions.

Pressure cooking*.

For great results even more quickly.

Accelerated production.

Build up pressure to take pressure off: if you regularly need things done ASAP, our optional intelligent pressure-cooking function is the time-saver you need. The pan’s interior locking mechanism creates a safe and reliable seal, cutting cooking time by up to 35% on stews, braised dishes, stocks, soups, and casseroles. Without sacrificing quality, of course. No extra maintenance required. The iVarioBoost heating system builds up pressure at the touch of a button, and maintains it at a constant level throughout the entire cooking process, so the cellular structure of the food is preserved - which means top-quality results, ready in no time.

* available 2021 in Canada

Leg of lamb
Cooking 117 minutes
Pressure cooking* 86 minutes
Savings 26%
Cooking 65 minutes
Pressure cooking* 42 minutes
Savings 35%
Corned beef
Cooking 170 minutes
Pressure cooking* 135 minutes
Savings 21%
Advantages you’ll enjoy: More capacity, shorter cooking times, greater productivity... and that’s just the beginning.