QSR Mexican Grill Saved Time and Money with RATIONAL iCombi Pro.

For many quick-serve restaurants, finding one way to do things — and sticking to it — has been the key to success. That makes them hesitant to consider changing those tried-and-true methods. But for an ever-expanding Mexican grill QSR chain, working with technology from RATIONAL and thinking “outside the box” has led to better product consistency, flavor, and increased yields.

With more than 130 locations across the country, freshness is paramount for this chain. It is dedicated to preparing food only at the time of order. Nothing is premade, and there are no microwave ovens or freezers. However, delivering freshly made product in a fast, efficient manner can often be a challenge. So, the chain turned to RATIONAL for help in finding a way to maintain its high product standards and authentic flavor while producing food in the most labor-efficient way possible.

After a conversation with RATIONAL at a trade show, the Director of Culinary and Kitchen Operations agreed to test two combi ovens at their corporate headquarters. In collaboration with the RATIONAL corporate chef, they tested recipes to fine-tune them and develop cooking programs that delivered the same (or better) taste and texture. At the same time, process efficiencies that could save time and product cost were also identified.

The combi ovens went through four months of rigorous testing, and in the end, the chain achieved better consistency, improved taste and yield, and labor savings. “RATIONAL takes the guesswork away,” says the chain’s Director of Culinary and Kitchen Operations. “Having the chicken, steak and seafood perfect every time is priceless.”

A Powerful Team.

The technological advances that helped this chain save time and labor are at the heart of the iCombi Pro and iVario Pro from RATIONAL. They’re helping QSRs — and many other types of foodservice operations — produce food more efficiently and consistently than ever before. Both machines feature the unique iCooking Suite, the “brain” that constantly adjusts the cooking parameters and intelligently makes any recalculations in time or temperature to assure the end product is perfectly cooked.

The iCombi Pro also has the iProduction Manager feature, which allows you to streamline production. By simply using the touchscreen, you can add dishes to the display and the iProduction Manager will show you which dishes can be prepared together, adjusting cooking times to achieve your desired results. That allows you to prepare many different types of cuisines with just one piece of equipment.

The iVario Pro boils, sautés and deep-fries, all in one appliance. Thanks to the iCooking Suite, there’s no chance of burning or boiling over. An intuitive control panel makes operation logical and efficient. Since each of the two pans in the iVario Pro has its own core temperature probe, there’s no need to monitor the cooking process. There’s even an optional pressure-cooking function which can reduce cooking times by up to 35%.

If you operate a QSR — or any type of foodservice operation — the iCombi Pro and iVario Pro from RATIONAL will help you efficiently produce delicious food.